Terranea Proud

As Terranea reopens, a long-standing dedication to a healthy workplace culture proves more important than ever.

Since its opening in 2009, Terranea Resort has been dedicated to making family, work-life balance and community a top priority. By creating a unique workplace culture, leadership encourages team members to build their careers, provide for their families and pursue their dreams while creating a distinctive experience for resort guests. In this rewarding environment, associates enjoy a sense of personal value and feel Terranea Proud.

Terranea Proud begins with passion. Offering a true Californian atmosphere, Terranea provides guests a genuine yet relaxed stay. These experiences are created by associates who are passionate about the art of hospitality, which focuses on enriching the lives of others through caring, empathetic and welcoming values. There’s equal pride in delivering an extraordinary guest experience as there is in providing a positive and robust work culture. For its efforts, Terranea has been recognized as the “Top Employer in Los Angeles County” and “Best Hospitality Company to Work For” from Los Angeles News Group, and nationally recognized as a Great Place to Work-certified company.

At Terranea, lines of communication are open and encouraged. With personal and professional aspirations on the table, team members deserve an environment that inspires, motivates, empowers and rewards. Through cross-training courses, professional memberships and management classes, Terranea provides tools and resources to help employees expand their expertise, learn new skills and realize their career goals. Since its opening in 2009, the property has celebrated more than 3,000 promotions and transfer opportunities as associates grow into new roles.

 “As a champion of opportunities and protections for women, minorities and all individuals for my entire career, I am very proud of what my friends and fellow associates have accomplished—for themselves, for their families and for their futures.” —Terri A. Haack, President

Terranea also encourages its female leaders to join the resort’s Women In Lodging chapter, which supports growth, community and advancement within the hospitality industry. “As a champion of opportunities and protections for women, minorities and all individuals for my entire career, I am very proud of what my friends and fellow associates have accomplished—for themselves, for their families and for their futures,” shares Terranea President Terri A. Haack.

The Terranea family is proudly diverse. Though employees come from different backgrounds, they share a common thread of caring for each other and valued guests. At their core, they remain enthusiastic, ethical, respectful and compassionate.

Aligned with those values is the company’s philosophy of giving. Philanthropic investments and charitable efforts are at the heart of Terranea. As stewards of a beautiful property, the resort provides service to the local area and protects the natural habitat for future generations.

Some of Terranea’s charitable and nonprofit partnerships include Chefs to End Hunger, Midnight Mission, Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles, Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Peninsula Education Foundation, Art To Grow On, Vistas for Children, Walk with Sally, American Red Cross Los Angeles, Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity, St. Vincent Meals on Wheels and Rainbow Services. It continually supports these local organizations through a variety of programs, events and ongoing projects throughout the year.

As part of the Terranea Proud mission, the company stepped up and offered valuable resources and support to associates during the resort’s government-mandated closure due to COVID-19. In addition to continuing health care benefits, Terranea provided financial support to full-time, part-time and on-call employees.

The resort also conducted an associates-only sale of groceries from its supplies–fresh produce, fish, poultry, meat, cheese, coffee, bread, dairy products, spices and dry goods—at below cost to help team members meet family needs. All money collected from the sale was deposited into a special fund to assist employees most in need during the closure. Produce from the resort’s nearby farm were also donated to the local Salvation Army food bank to benefit food-insecure members of the community.

As Terranea has proudly reopened its doors and associates return to work, there’s new promise of a bright future ahead. With industry-wide initiatives in place, Terranea can once again provide its world-class service while maintaining a commitment to the safety and well-being of guests as well as the treasured Terranea family.

Terranea Resort

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