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Beach Life Fitness Boutique offers female-focused fitness in a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

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    Front: Kelsi Knudson and Payton Cahalan Back, L to R: Alyssa Crawford, Carolyn Smith, Danielle Spangler, Faye Naples, Allison Heilmann, Manuela Schraner

L to R, back: Danielle Spangler
& Alyssa Crawford; Front: Megan D’Amore & Leah Breen

Meet Danielle Spangler, owner of Beach Life Fitness Boutique and creator of the Core Mom Fitness program. This tireless powerhouse and mother of three to Lilly, Jake and Ben is serious about bringing safe and effective exercise programming to the South Bay. She is a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry and has brought her experience working for all kinds of fitness facilities—from gyms to universities to small fitness studios and all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico—into her Pilates studio that she opened more than three years ago.

Beach Life Fitness Boutique offers small-group Pilates reformer classes, prenatal and postpartum programming with Core Mom Fitness and JumpSport mini-trampoline workouts, as well as private training in a beautiful space a block off the beach in South Redondo seven days a week. 

The studio recently partnered with Shine Society Fitness, a local favorite for more than five years. Owners Hillary Lewis and Yaya Margarita offer high-energy, “burn to the beat,” dance-based fitness classes. “This partnership has been great for expanding our class options,” says Danielle.

Hillary Lewis & Yaya Margarita

Bringing people together and forming community bonds is one of her passions, and Beach Life Fitness embodies that message. Danielle and her team have created an inclusive, welcoming culture. The compassionate teachers—certified in Pilates, prenatal and postpartum fitness, functional movement, private trainer and kinesiology—have the skill set to assist clients with any modifications they might need due to injury or limitation.

“Our team of instructors are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” says Danielle. “They are amazing teachers, and they share my core values of creating an exercise studio space that is welcoming and nonintimidating.”

The Beach Life Fitness Boutique team of rock-star instructors includes Kelsi Knudson, Manuela Schraner, Michelle Gierst, Alyssa Crawford, Payton Cahallan, Allison Heilmann, McCall Richards, Cory London, Erica Hawkins, Fabienne Naples and Carolyn Smith. 

Once clients sign up using the Beach Life app, studio manager Allison Heilmann welcomes them and helps customize their workout based on the client’s needs and goals. “Our intention is to create an atmosphere that helps our customers have a positive and effective fitness journey, and that is what you get with small boutique fitness,” says Danielle. “We want to help our customers look and feel their best from the inside out.”

The studio’s main demographic is women and mothers. For the past 20 years, Danielle wrote continuing education courses on prenatal and postpartum fitness for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, MedFit Network and Fitness Learning Systems. She created her Core Mom Fitness program (Corrective Obstetrical Related Exercise) when she saw a lack of exercise programming specifically for pregnant women and new mothers. Alyssa Crawford is the director of Core Mom Fitness classes and has helped manage medically vetted, highly effective functional movement exercise program since 2018.


Vellany Nelson

Pre-pandemic Core Mom was offered as a satellite workout program in other fitness facilities, and Danielle is hoping to do that again post-pandemic. Beach Life is now part of MedFit Care and can accept HSA accounts for private training with an exercise prescription.

Beach Life Fitness Boutique also serves as a co-op for other mom-owned small wellness businesses and has expanded to three beautiful spaces in the same building. These businesses include White Light Sounds (sound bath classes), South Bay Jazzercise and Access the Light Meditation, as well as pelvic floor health physical therapist Julie Gillespie, DPT, who treats patients three days a week. Beauty partners include Everly Reese Esthetics, owned and operated by experienced esthetician and brow shaper Vellany Nelson, and Elevated Beauty (offering Endermologie Body Scuplting and brow and eyelash lifts). 

These partnerships help make Beach Life Fitness Boutique a one-stop shop for customers while supporting other local businesses that align with the studio’s mantra “Fitness that feels good in a feel-good space.”

“We are so excited about the future of Beach Life Fitness Boutique,” shares Danielle. “We have a lot of really cool offerings on the horizon, so please follow us as things unfold. We are grateful to the incredible South Bay community for the support we have received the past few years and look forward to growing even more.”  

Beach Life Fitness Boutique

312 S. Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach  |  310-890-7216 |
@beachlifefitnessboutique  |  App: Beach Life Fitness

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