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Family-owned Door to Door Cleaners brings their expertise directly to your front door.

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Why feature a dry cleaning business in a magazine about homes? Door to Door Cleaners not only specializes in caring for your wardrobe; the family-run company can also clean and restore the finer things in your home. Their customized services extend to all household textiles including bedding, pillows, rugs, upholstery, curtains and
window coverings.

Ordinarily these services are not offered by a dry cleaning business. But for 25 years the Veera family of Door to Door Cleaners has served the Los Angeles area in not-so-ordinary ways. From simple dry cleaning and on-site spot removal to extraordinary restoration cases from fire or water damage, the company can handle challenges from the common to the complex. In fact, Door to Door was recently recognized by the California Cleaners Associations as the 2018 Dry Cleaner of the Year.

Clients trust Door to Door Cleaners with their favorite outfits and treasured wardrobe items, such as bespoke designer clothing and family heirlooms like christening gowns and wedding dresses. But why expand to include homes?

“We have the technology and expertise to bring the dry cleaner to your home, which is helpful because obviously it isn’t possible to pick up a couch and bring it into one of our stores!” shares Sajid Veera, co-owner of the business with his brother, Habib Veera.

A Room With a View

Living in sunny California—near the ocean—there are many windows and glass walls throughout most homes. We all enjoy that view! But uncovered glass wreaks havoc on fabric-covered surfaces—whether a couch, a silk rug or drapes. Sun damage and dry rot set in if the furniture and rugs are not cared for properly.

“We have the ability to coat most fabrics with an invisible barrier that protects against staining and UV rays,” says Habib. “This coating does not change the hand of the fabric or the color. You can prolong the use of the piece with proper care and maintenance.”

This expertise does not come easy. Sajid and Habib attend trade shows that showcase the latest technology, software and advances in garment care. They visit mills in locations like Italy and France to see firsthand what goes into the production of the finest garments in the world. They learn—and teach their staff—how fibers are woven into textile, how different weaves are produced and the best methodology for the care and upkeep of finished garments.

“We often have to deconstruct a garment that’s made of different colored fabrics, clean each color separately and then put it all back together,” explains Sajid. “We recently cleaned a one-of-a-kind couture gown made of real gold thread embroidery, and a wedding gown constructed mostly of feathers with barely any fabric!”

Their comprehensive wardrobe care includes hand-washed and folded laundry, hand-finished shirt service, shoe repair, leather cleaning and handbag restoration. They also specialize in tailoring—including in-home tailoring for clients who prefer to avoid the public eye.

All in the Family

Sajid and Habib’s parents, Yasin and Yasmin Veera, were long-time entrepreneurs when they started Door to Door Cleaners in 1989. Today the brothers handle the day-to-day operations while their wives, Shaheen and Molly, are grooming the next generation of six Veeras. Yasin and Yasmin fill an advisory role, and the friendly Door to Door staff members round out the team.

The company has 10 stores in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, El Segundo, Beverly Hills, Brentwood and West Hollywood. Door to Door’s valet service provides complimentary pickup and delivery from the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the south to Malibu in the north and as far east as Beverly Hills. (This is why they chose their business name—“door to door” to and from your home or office!)

When they’re not working, the Veera family enjoys exploring nature and the culture and arts of Southern California. They give back to the community through various programs, and look forward to continuing to serve the South Bay and Greater Los Angeles for generations to come.

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