South Bay Siblings Spin and Sing for a Cancer Cure

Making music for the Tour de Pier.

After losing their loved ones to cancer, teen Manhattan Beach brothers Robbie Knowles and Dylan Knowles decided to take matters into their own hands to combat the disease that took their aunt, godmother and cousin. The Mira Costa High School students decided to pen, record and produce a song/video, “We’ll Never Stop Fighting,” to remember those who have passed and to celebrate those who have won the battle against cancer.

Little did they know at the time that the song they wrote would grow to become popular and a favorite of many. Proceeds from the song are being donated to cancer organizations.

The Knowles brothers are using their exceptional musical talents to fight a disease that has taken too many lives. While making the video, the brothers visited more than a dozen cancer survivors throughout the community … some were featured in the video. It was a humbling and eye-opening experience that gave Robbie and Dylan a glimpse into many cancer patients’ rocky and uncertain journeys.

Becoming music superstars is not high on either of the boys’ lists of career choices, but becoming professional baseball players certainly ranks at the top, as their father was a minor league player. No matter what career they choose, they will continue to fight to beat cancer.

Both Robbie and Dylan will be riding at the seventh annual Tour de Pier on Sunday, May 19 at the Manhattan Beach Pier. If there’s a lesson to be learned, it is no matter how old you are, you can use your skills and talent to make a difference.