Meet the Hermosa Entrepreneur with a Chill Concept

Cool idea.

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    Eat & Drink, People
  • Written by
    Darren Elms
  • Photographed by
    Shane O’Donnell

A trip to a grocery store on a remote island proved to be a fortuitous adventure for Ashley Adamczyk. The Hermosa Beach resident was abroad working on the reality television show Survivor and needed to grab some frozen pops for the crew. Coming up empty at the store, she decided to make her own—breaking out some ice cube trays and doing what she could with what was available to her on the island. Her homemade treats were an instant hit.

Back home in the South Bay, she started researching recipes and experimenting with flavors. “My sister suggested I start my own business,” she says of Beach Town Pops. “I started selling the popsicles at the farmers market, then got into mom-and-pop delis around town.”

Ashley has now branched out to catering and has even gone back to her roots, supplying the frozen treats for film crews. Not one to skimp on ingredients, she insists on quality cold-pressed juices and fresh additions from top to bottom.

Beach Town Pops come in two categories: boozy and non-boozy. Cocktail-inspired options include Mojito (fresh mint, lime juice and Bacardi rum), French 75 (Brut Champagne, Bombay Sapphire gin and lemon juice) and Peach Bourbon (sautéed peaches and Jim Beam).

Kids and nondrinkers can sample Russian Pear, Lemon Cheesecake with a Pomegranate Reduction and Dark Belgium Chocolate Sea Salt. Ashley also recently introduced gourmet ice cream flavors like Olive Oil with Pepper and Sesame with Orange-Blossom Caramel.

For outdoor events, reserve her popsicle cart complete with a uniformed server. When weddings get back on schedule and the bride and groom make their entrance at the reception, you just might be raising a Champagne-and-strawberry-on-a-stick frozen pop in their honor.