In Her Own Shoes

A mother-daughter team sells not just homes but also the South Bay lifestyle.

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No one was surprised when Alli Baldocchi followed in the career footsteps of her mother, Susan Jensen—a seasoned professional Realtor® and expert insider with decades of experience selling properties in the Beach Cities. After all, it was the family business, and Alli joining the team was a natural progression.

But after years of working with her mom as the dynamic duo—while Alli was busy marrying her best friend, a Hermosa Beach native, and having three children with him—she came to a point where she decided to step away to find herself and discover her voice and passion for the real estate industry.

“This area is overly saturated with Realtors, and my mom has left her mark on the industry for the past four decades,” Alli shares. “I needed to step out of the shadow of someone who has been so successful and become seen not as the daughter of a Realtor but as a colleague to all Realtors in the South Bay.”

So for a short period of time, Alli worked separately from Susan, honing her skills and creating systems and structures that worked best for her. “It allowed me to do things on my own and figure out who I want to be in this business. I needed to be seen, and I needed to value my own worth—which, for the first time, I am now doing.”

She also spent precious time with her sons, juggling to balance obligations at work and home while caring for her child with special needs. “My boys taught me how to see the world through their eyes, and it is a much more colorful, accepting world. I am a better person today because of them.”

Together Again

Feeling established in her unique approach to real estate, Alli came full circle and today the two are working side by side again. They have redefined their business in a new light, working with PACIFICA Properties Group—a real estate firm formed in 2021 by five well-known local agents who have worked together for more than 20 years.

“We are individuals who want to show our support and love for the people we share this awesome South Bay with.”

“When given the opportunity to join PACIFICA, I knew I had finally found my home in real estate,” Alli says. “Their mission is to not only be a successful real estate brokerage but to be THE local real estate brokerage. We have the same goals and visions.”

After working for years with large corporate real estate firms, Susan concurs. “I was attracted to PACIFICA Properties Group by the local Realtors who started this company—highly respected, seasoned professionals who are community-minded and simply great to work with.”

Deep Roots

The mother and daughter have deep roots in the beach communities. A California native, Susan has lived in the South Bay all of her adult life. She is married to a Manhattan Beach native, and they have three adult children and four grandchildren who all live nearby. “My family is everything to me, and I cherish getting ‘the kids’ together,” she shares.

Susan began her real estate career in 1978 and has spent 45 years specializing in residential sales. She has a flair for home décor and a background in business and banking—making her a consummate guide for clients throughout the entire real estate process.

Alli was born and raised in Manhattan Beach—and born into the real estate business. After working a few years in the fashion industry and as a teacher, she joined her mom as a Realtor in 2005. “Wearing several hats and having different careers and experiences helps me connect with my clients,” she says. “I want to share all the reasons why the South Bay is so special with all of my clients and friends.”

A New Chapter

Alli’s personal and professional awareness was that she wasn’t meant to walk in her mom’s shoes. “I’ve come to learn that her shoes just didn’t fit. I was meant to wear my own shoes, to walk alongside her and at times even in front of her.”

The two have once again found their groove and enjoy assisting buyers and sellers with one of the most important decisions in life. “Working with my daughter and seeing her blossom from a young girl handing out flyers to a successful Realtor and Instagram phenomenon has made me so proud,” Susan beams.

Alli truly appreciates their strong bond as mother-daughter and business partners. “We have grown, and now it is a new chapter,” she says.

They have a vested interest in the community, including giving back with their finances and their time. “Giving back shows that we are not just Realtors,” Alli points out. “We are individuals who want to show our support and love for the people we share this awesome South Bay with.”

A recent client’s comments perfectly portray the experience of having Alli and Susan take you under their wings during a real estate transaction: “Thank you for your commitment, loyalty and earning our trust. You’ve played a huge role in our success.”

Susan Jensen & Alli Baldocchi  |  PACIFICA Properties Group

905 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach
310-251-2404 (Susan)  |  310-804-2203 (Alli)  |  @pacificapropertiesgroup  |  DRE #00689950, 01481125
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