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Nobody appreciates the beauty and vibrancy of southern California quite like Lawrence “Larry” Taylor, who grew up in a bleak coal-mining town in Pennsylvania. His journey from small-town schoolboy to Los Angeles real estate power player is a remarkable one. Larry’s career began serendipitously as a teenager looking to upgrade his family’s living situation. His family moved west in search of a better life, landing him in a tight Los Angeles apartment. Tired of being cramped amongst his sisters, he decided to search for a place with more elbow room. Quickly discovering how expensive Los Angeles real estate can be, he spoke with a real estate agent who was fortuitously familiar with the magic of apartment buildings.

“The bank loans you the money to buy the property, your tenants pay the loan and your family can live for free in a spacious owner’s unit,” the agent explained.

Excited and driven, Larry did the legwork to help his parents purchase a property that got him more space and put his family on a path to financial freedom. Today, as CEO of Malibu-based Christina, he is passionate about helping others do the same.

Trophy Locations

“As the second-largest city in the United States,” Larry points out, “Los Angeles has a dynamic real estate investment market that receives global attention.” Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu and West Hollywood are where you’ll find Larry curating Christina’s investment portfolios—which he’s been doing since he founded his company 45 years ago.

Initially investing on behalf of business managers who wanted to ensure that their Hollywood elite clients would stay rich beyond their years in the spotlight, Larry and the Christina team prioritized tax-efficient wealth preservation through real estate. They focused on Los Angeles’ top submarkets and sought out areas with demonstrated demand and resiliency. They became local experts—gaining the block-by-block knowledge required to understand the intricacies of the complex L.A. market.

Larry’s theory proved true, and 45 years later their focus on real estate in exclusive locations has led to great success—boasting zero investment losses after hundreds of profitable deals during multiple recessions.

Breaking Barriers

“Investment real estate has traditionally been reserved for the ultrawealthy due to high ownership costs and the labor and knowledge necessary to operate substantial buildings, and the connections to acquire exclusive properties,” he says. “Christina’s mission is to remove the barriers and provide access to prime real estate investments.”

Larry started Christina Real Estate Investors to democratize investing in prime Los Angeles real estate—an opportunity that was unattainable for many prior to a 2012 change in securities law. Since then, Christina has acquired and curated diversified portfolios of investment-grade properties for ownership by investors nationwide.

Christina embodies what wealthy investors have done for decades: buy great real estate, maximize the tax benefits, refinance as values increase, then use the proceeds to buy more real estate. They use their experience to optimize real estate investments similar to how a savvy wealth manager manages a stock or bond portfolio.

Generational Wealth

Accommodating varying investment goals, Christina’s current offering is split between two opportunities with unique objectives: Wealth Builder aims to maximize total investment values, while Income Builder is designed for investors seeking quarterly cash distributions and reduced risk.

Christina helps clients grow wealth securely through prime property ownership. Tax efficiency and conservative asset management are the cornerstones of their success. Clients often look to Christina’s long-term investments for tangible property ownership that can hedge against inflation.

Christina Real Estate Investors

Lawrence “Larry” Taylor

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