After More than a Decade of Planting Seeds into Her Business, Jenny Barker Is Ready to Blossom and Shine

Time to bloom.

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    Kara Mickelson
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    Kat Monk
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During the pandemic, Jenny Barker, owner and founder of Magical Blooms flower studio in Redondo Beach, found joy in sharing her flower philosophy and passion on Instagram. It started as an experiment but quickly took off as she gained a fan base, with more than 400,000 followers tuning in for her live instructional floral classes that are sprinkled with personal stories, sage advice and an authentic dive into what inspires and motivates her. The unscripted dialog is heartfelt and resonates with her growing audience.

With the help of those live demos on the platform, Jenny was selected out of thousands of floral designers to represent California on season 2 of the popular HBO show Full Bloom. Though her time on the show was cut short, she is still riding a wave of success. Soon after appearing on the show, Jenny was picked up by Dan Levin of Prominent Brand + Talent. He is now working alongside her business advisor, Jim Buch, to manage and expand Jenny’s brand.

Recently, an L.A. Style article referred to her as the “flower doctor.” The title sort of stuck and gave her a new avenue for reaching her community and customers. Her message of growth and healing is rooted in the science, design, color and spiritual energy of flowers—something she discovered early on and studied for 25 years. This profound connection to the healing power and beauty of flowers hooked her at age 5. By age 19, with only $500, she started her floral business and eventually established Magical Blooms in 1999.

Early on, she noticed how a vase full of flowers would bring in a natural sense of beauty and lightness. She says flowers remind us that life has seasons.

Today she runs her floral studio and prescribes “floral medicine.” Early on, she noticed how a vase full of flowers would bring in a natural sense of beauty and lightness. She says flowers remind us that life has seasons. For 23 years, she has provided floral design for weddings, baby showers, graduations, bar mitzvahs, proms, funerals and celebrations of life.

Jenny says it is her purpose to deliver beauty to the world during significant moments in life or every day as a form of flower therapy. Always the rose before the thorns, she’s part realist and part optimist—deeply rooted in her purpose to share the metaphors between life and floral design.

“Place them where they belong,” she says, arranging flowers on her live feed. She then adds, “Where do I fit in … where do I belong?” drawing a parallel between the flowers and her audience. For Jenny, both the flowers and arrangements share a uniqueness that deserves to be seen. These supportive, authentic, healing messages—paired with her live floral design demos—endear her to her fans.

At the Redondo Beach floral studio where her dream took root, the vision expands. Jenny now offers The Flower Prescription, a farm-to-table floral concept in a box. The custom-designed golden boxes—a nod to her son’s nickname “Jack Golden”—include a graffiti Passiflora vine design on top and a die-cut heart on the side, representing her heartbeat.

Shipped nationwide, her floral magic now reaches beyond the South Bay every week. She considers this new business venture to be one of the most exciting projects she has ever embarked on. But there’s plenty of room to grow for this unique floral artist. With a book in the works and the desire for her own television show, the magic of Jenny Barker has only begun to flower.