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    Dr. Scott Braunstein, National Medical Director, and Dr. Mike Tarnay, Manhattan Beach Medical Director

Life happens—and you just may find yourself or a family member needing medical care fast. If you’re in this predicament after hours, your only choice may be the chaos and long wait involved in seeking help at the emergency room.

Sollis Health is offering the South Bay a better choice: a members-only concierge medical center that provides on-demand access to expert care. Imagine a serene, private setting with little to no wait and no appointments necessary, not to mention state-of-the-art medical equipment and doctors trained in emergency medicine who will spend as much time with you as you need.

“At Sollis, we treat everyday concerns, medical emergencies and everything in between.”

Following the launch of their New York City flagship, Sollis Health expanded to the Los Angeles area in 2020. The California centers are led by national medical director Scott Braunstein, MD, a board-certified emergency medicine and internal medicine physician with 20 years of experience at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. And now Dr. Braunstein and his team are bringing their on-demand medical practice to the South Bay.

“As a proud member of the Manhattan Beach community, I am thrilled to introduce you to Sollis Health,” Dr. Braunstein says. “At Sollis, we treat everyday concerns, medical emergencies and everything in between. With an in-house lab and on-site imaging, we expedite the path to treatment so our members can focus on feeling better.”

Sollis Health isn’t meant to replace your primary care physician but instead works as a supplement to your health care team. The clinic is available at times when doctors’ offices are normally closed. Dr. Braunstein and his team offer immediacy and convenience to members—from evaluation to diagnosis and treatment all under one roof. 

“Opening a location in Manhattan Beach was a natural fit and obvious choice as part of our West Coast expansion,” Dr. Braunstein explains. “Our center will offer South Bay residents a streamlined and convenient alternative to the ER and urgent care facilities.”

And should members require assistance beyond the local center, Sollis has VIP relationships with the best specialists and hospital systems nationwide. Whether that means procuring VIP hospital services or expediting an appointment with a highly in-demand specialist, you’ll still be cared for when you leave the Manhattan Beach medical center.

Members also have access to all locations in the Los Angeles area—including the 24/7 Beverly Hills flagship and the Santa Monica center—as well as all locations nationwide in San Francisco, New York City, The Hamptons and Palm Beach. Annual memberships start at $3,500, and tiered rates are offered for families, bespoke corporate packages and all-inclusive membership tiers. 

The Sollis Health philosophy is simple: the team handles everything—administrative tasks, daily progress check-ins and securing expedited specialist appointments. Ultimately what they offer is peace of mind. It’s like having a doctor in the family! 

“Our commitment to excellence in member experience and our thoughtful attention to detail help us reimagine what the urgent care experience can be,” says Dr. Braunstein. “We hope to welcome you to our membership community and support you as a private, safe and calming resource for medical care.”

The members-only model ensures that patients receive best-in-class treatment, whatever the concern may be. “Our members are not just a set of symptoms or a chart on the wall,” he shares. “We take the time to truly listen and explain every treatment option to ensure that you receive the best care possible. We look forward to caring for you.”

Dr. Scott Braunstein
National Medical Director

1000 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Manhattan Beach
310-870-0400  |  |  @SollisHealth
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