What Some of Our Favorite Locals Have to Say About Life in the South Bay

Bubble talk.

Shane O’Donnell

Contributing Photographer and Painter

What is the most romantic view in town? 

I like parking behind Palos Verdes City Hall where there is a small lot and the beginning of a short hiking path. There is a fantastic view of the South Bay up the hill along that path. It is beautiful.

Chase Kern

Owner, Bespoke by Chase

Who is your favorite South Bay artist?

Bo Bridges. He has an eye to catch things in motion that jump out at you. We have four pieces on our walls from him. One piece he shot in Peru of the mountains and captured the very rare vicuña animal. I have this hanging in my shop.

Jen Turquand

Associate Publisher, Southbay

Where was the most memorable wedding you attended here?

My own wedding that we held 17 years ago in the back room at H.T. Grill. It was less than 50 people, and the ceremony and reception were in the same flower-filled room. We had a Frank Sinatra tribute band, an intimate wine-pairing dinner at a long, family-style table by candlelight, and only our young sons as the wedding party.

Jamie Lovelynn

Breathwork Practitioner & Fine Art Photographer

What home design project do you hope to accomplish in 2024?

I look forward to adding to my schedule a new multi-dwelling building curated with my Coastal Calm fine art photography collection.

Alex Abad

Founder & Broker, Tower-60 Real Estate Group

What is your favorite date night spot?

Porterhouse Bourbon & Bones restaurant in El Segundo. The food is extraordinary, their cocktails are the best I’ve had, and their patio/lounge is one of a kind. Perfect for a special evening.