What Some of Our Favorite Locals Have to Say About Life in the South Bay

Bubble talk.

Christopher Bredesen

Restaurant Entrepreneur

What’s your idea of the perfect staycation?

A two-night stay at Terranea on a Santa Ana-summer weather day, lounging by the pool and walking the tide pools, while the grandparents graciously watch the kid. (Still waiting for that to happen!)

KC Campbell


How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

Spent with the legend Steve Campbell! Usually Manhattan Beach Community Church at 10 a.m., followed by Chart House brunch in Redondo Beach, then a movie or a Sunday afternoon drive. I enjoy dinner at the parents’ on Laurel Avenue at night and some Handel’s Ice Cream as a treat to close out the day. My dad and I are both addicted to their chocolate milkshakes!

Marcie Gutierrez

Director of Brand Partnerships, Southbay magazine

What’s your favorite travel getaway?

We just went to Greece—Athens, Santorini and Mykonos—last year, and it was a dream! We fell in love with the people, history, food and picturesque views. It truly was beautiful, and we can’t wait to go back.

Kara Mickelson

Food & Prop Stylist, Styled|Delicious

What local dining spots top your list these days?

As a fan of Southeast Asian cuisine, it’s exciting to see new restaurants like Dumpling Mix open. Try the dumplings and the potato-wrapped shrimp. Also head to Little Sister in the Riviera Village for the Vietnamese chicken salad, sugarcane lemongrass pork skewers and rice paper summer rolls.

Rafael McMaster

Artist and Founder, Indivisible Arts

What do you love most about summer in the South Bay?

Does summer get any better anywhere in the world? My answer is “everything” because South Bay summers are heaven on earth.