What Some of Our Favorite Locals Have to Say About Life in the South Bay

Bubble talk.

Will Ford

Co-owner, Gum Tree Shop & Café

What band would you like to see play at BeachLife Festival?

I grew up in Australia listening to a lot of punk and rock bands, most of whom are not around these days. My fave, Cosmic Psychos, are touring the U.S. in May. I do think it would be great to see Moby at BeachLife. I have seen him at smaller club venues but would love to see him on a larger stage in front of a big crowd. He is my go-to on runs and when I have a few moments to myself in the car!

Soffi Yessmann

Social Maven, @thesouth bayclub

How do you practice self-care?

Not being over-scheduled. It’s hard to do these days, but it’s the best gift I can give myself. Quality time is my love language.

Maureen McBride

Owner, Tabula Rasa Essentials

What is your most prized style item or accessory?

About 20 years ago, Los Angeles-based jewelry designer David Tishbi crafted a ring for me with a wide, hammered base and three narrow gold bands that spin. The ring filled a void on my hand where my dad’s wedding band used to sit after he passed in 1998. His band was given to me by my mom and was lost in the shop while I unpacked merchandise in 2002. Each time I wear the ring and feel the movement of the spinners, I’m reminded of my parents and how blessed I am to be their daughter.

Corinne Cobabe


Do you have a favorite outdoor fitness activity once spring hits?

My favorite outdoor activity is hiking or simply taking a walk. Where we live, luckily, I can do it year-round—but springtime is my favorite because, while always respecting trails and sensitive nature, I’m often able to collect botanicals and blooms to use in my artwork.

Vince DiLeva

Managing Senior Partner, SEIA

What in the South Bay makes you feel like a kid at heart? 

Definitely going to the beach. I grew up at RAT Beach with my family, so it’s very nostalgic to spend time there with my own family.