Two Redondo Pals Enjoy Later Days With a Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew  

What’s the buzz?

Friends for more than 15 years, David Israel and Robby Horn were a natural fit to start a company together. “We had a concept and started building it up, one brick at a time,” shares Robby. “We literally started by making cold brew at our apartment and giving it away to friends and family.”

Both born and raised in Redondo, they couldn’t think of a better place to launch a business. But how did they come up with Later Days?

“We had a concept and started building it up, one brick at a time. We literally started by making cold brew at our apartment and giving it away to friends and family.”

“Whatever we are doing—whether it’s getting up early to check the surf or we just need a boost to help us get through the workday—you can take a little sip of Later Days and get that healthy jolt of energy you need to keep going,” David explains. “Early mornings need Later Days!” Robby says.

People loved the coffee, and soon Andre—owner of Granny’s Grocery in Hermosa—put it on his shelves. When it sold well, the pair had to make a decision: create a serious business or just consider it a fun side project.

“We both knew we had something, so we decided to keep it going and start the business,” says David. “Here we are today!”

When they started out, cold brew was still a fairly new category in the coffee industry. “We really felt like we had an opportunity to express ourselves by creating a brand and a product that wasn’t out there yet,” says Robby. “We both love coffee and have a passion for creating something that people can enjoy. We also weren’t really fans of the energy drinks out there and the chemicals that were involved in making some of those beverages. We live active lifestyles and wanted something that would give us natural energy without all the other harmful ingredients.”

There are only two ingredients in a Later Days cold brew: coffee and filtered water. “At the end of the day, we feel good about putting a clean, healthy and conscious product out into the market,” David adds.

From day one, the partners wanted to make their product an extension of their personal lifestyles. As such, they take every measure to be eco-friendly and leave the planet better than they found it.

“We recently joined 1% For the Planet and are very happy to be a part of their organization,” says Robby. “They are doing some amazing things, and we are very excited to be involved going forward.”

Because they use a high-quality coffee bean to make the product, the ready-to-drink beverage offers low acidity and bitterness and tastes refreshingly smooth. “We were turned off when we found ourselves paying $5 for a cold brew that tasted cheap or watered down,” explains David. “We aren’t about cutting corners. We never want to throw away the integrity of the product for a cheap and easy fix. We are proud of what we make, and we want you to be too.”

You can find Later Days throughout the South Bay, including Brother’s Burritos and Mickey’s Deli in Hermosa, Rock & Brews in El Segundo, Homie in Manhattan Beach and all Yellow Vase locations.