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Surf & turf.

Surfer Magazine: 1960–2020

By Grant Ellis

Founded in 1960 by surfer, artist and filmmaker John Severson, Surfer was the longest continuously published surf magazine, referred to as “the bible of the sport.” Featuring a mix of travel articles, contest reporting, surf spot profiles, big wave pictorials and surfer interviews, Surfer worked with the world’s best photographers, writers and graphic designers. This voluminous anthology features the most timeless, inspirational, and historically significant covers and interior pages from the magazine’s extensive archive. It depicts the chronological progression of the sport, the gear, the style and the world’s top surfers throughout the decades, from Miki Dora to Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton. $55 at {pages} a bookstore

Surf Tribe

By Stephan Vanfleteren

With Surf Tribe, photographer Stephan Vanfleteren shows that there is far more to surf culture than just sport and competition. Surfing is also about a deep admiration and respect for the ocean, as well as the feeling of insignificance when confronted with the forces of nature. Surfers use the waves for fun but also to forget and to battle—both with others and with themselves. Vanfleteren looks beyond the traditional borders of the United States and Australia and searches the globe for people who live in places where sea and land meet. He documents a fluid community with nature as its sole leader. He has sought out young talent, living icons and old legends—both competitive and free surfers. $75 at Maison Luxe in Hermosa Beach

The New Outsiders: A Creative Life Outdoors 

By Jeffrey Bowman

The New Outsiders celebrates outdoor creativity and inspires a new outdoor generation to live a life less ordinary under the open sky. There is something about the great outdoors that makes us want to go back each time we return home from a field trip. We crave the crisp, fresh air. We desire the raw experience that only nature can grant us. Driven by the will to unplug from our daily routines, we seek to reconnect with something that feels more authentic. This handsome tome introduces some of the most outstanding of these free-spirited adventurers and entrepreneurs and presents in-depth features on niche activities and must-visit locations. $60 at Maison Luxe in Hermosa Beach