Television Commentator Colin Cowherd is Ready for Your Questions

Sports. No filter.

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    Kat Monk

Shark’s Cove in Downtown Manhattan Beach is nearly empty at 3 p.m. on a Monday afternoon. Colin Cowherd sits at a table alone. “Hey Colin, what did you think about that Bears game?” “Colin, do you think that kicker was getting paid?” “Do you think they should get rid of him?” Colin deals with questions about sports everywhere he goes, and he loves it.

“I am living my dream. This is what I always wanted to do,” explains Colin. Born and raised in Washington state, he does not come from a sports background. Since he was 8 years old, he knew he wanted to analyze and discuss sports.

Colin’s first idol was Howard Cosell. Opinionated sports talk shows did not exist back then, but he watched Monday Night Football every week. “Howard was the first sportscaster who impacted my style,” explains Colin. “Smart. Direct. Willing to be hated.”

Colin doesn’t try to pass off his opinions as facts; they’re just his opinions. “You can’t be afraid to be wrong in my business,” explains Colin. “If it bothers you to be called out on social media, then get out of the business. This business is not for the squeamish. I have a strong belief system. I have never much worried about what people think of them.”

In 2013 Colin released the first of two books. He was also one of the original hosts of radio show SportsNation. After making a controversial comment about the education level of baseball players from the Dominican Republic, Colin left ESPN in 2015.

Colin’s now hosting The Herd with Colin Cowherd on FOX Sports with cohost Joy Taylor. They cover football, basketball and baseball. These three sports play to the masses and are the bread and butter of the show. “Rinse and repeat—you play the hits,” he says. “From Labor Day until February 3, the NFL takes up 75% of my show.”

The South Bay provides Colin and his family a level of anonymity he doesn’t find elsewhere. “There are so many pro athletes living around here that I’m no big deal,” he says. “Which is exactly what I want.”