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Dr. Chong Kim helps with habits for good health and longevity.

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Putting patients at ease is a top priority for Chong Kim, MD, a physician who is double-board-certified in internal and functional medicine. Always willing to go the extra mile, Dr. Kim enjoys putting his patients first—getting to know them and developing unique treatment plans to meet their individualized goals.

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell

Dr. Kim facilitates two types of practices: working with hospitalized patients as well as a hybrid anti-aging concierge practice that utilizes traditional and alternative medicine. “I appreciate what working in hospitals offers me as a continuum of learning,” he says. “It keeps me on my toes and relevant in what is going on in the world today. It is often reminiscent in many ways of my days of training and teaching. The noise, feel, movement and rhythm of the hospital are alive for me. It’s medicine in action. I’m honored to work with many brilliant minds, and on many levels. It’s a humbling place.”

After earning his medical degree from Drexel University, Dr. Kim received postgraduate training through UCI Medical Center’s internal medicine residency program. He served as chief resident and went on to become an attending physician. As an associate professor for UC Irvine School of Medicine, he was the director of fourth-year medical student clerkships.

Dr. Kim started the hospitalist program at UCI Medical Center and continues to work at both Providence Little Company of Mary and Torrance Memorial Medical Center. Realizing that a traditional approach to medicine just isn’t enough, he opened Coastal Anti-Aging Medical Group in 2007 to treat patients with both traditional and alternative medicine.

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A Trailblazing Approach

“I believe in supplementing treatments with resources from my many years of experience,” says Dr. Kim, who has practiced medicine for more than two decades. “However, I also know when it is time to transition to traditional medical options. We work together respectfully with insurance and hospitals, yet as an independent practitioner, I’m an advocate solely for my patients.”

Dr. Kim’s goal for Coastal Anti-Aging is to provide the most up-to-date, informative care possible. He personalizes his medical practice, focusing on both Western and Eastern treatment protocols.

He and his team prioritize creating a calm environment at Coastal Anti-Aging’s office. “Our objective is for patients to feel at ease,” he shares about his friendly staff.

“My offerings may not be the popular brand, but they have science and research behind them,” says Dr. Kim of the products he and his family use themselves. Practice favorites include collagen supplements with high absorption formulation, a clean science skin care line and an anti-inflammation supplement derived from fish DNA.

One of Coastal Anti-Aging’s most recommended and popular treatments is IV nutritional therapy, which the practice has offered in-office since 2009. Now, due to increased demand, it can also be offered at your location. Patients can schedule appointments for monthly IV therapy treatments administered in the comfort of their homes by one of Dr. Kim’s registered nurses.

“Each individualized IV treatment consists of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that deliver much-needed nutrients to the body for reiterative health,” the doctor explains. “I recommend monthly IV for maintenance and optional health. Our IV treatments can be customized to improve overall health and help with detoxification, energy, migraines, dehydration, athletic performance, chronic fatigue syndrome, weight management, chronic liver disease and a plethora of other autoimmune and health-related illnesses. We help you manage vitamin deficiencies, improve energy and benefit from regenerative healing.”

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Client-Focused Care

Ensuring a strong connection with patients, Dr. Kim starts with a consultation where he listens closely to the client’s concerns. During that unrushed appointment, he gets a good sense of any illnesses and formulates a sensible but evidence-based plan.

“I enjoy getting to know our concierge practice members and customizing treatment plans using resources to suit each individual’s needs,” he says. “The patient and I together set goals for growth. I believe every patient has a unique metabolic code and needs an individualized plan to help them get to their healthiest state.”

Clean Living

Dr. Kim certainly practices what he preaches by exercising daily—combining stretching, resistance exercises, yoga and meditation. He and his family recently attended an Ayurvedic retreat, where they enjoyed vegan meals, yoga classes, sound bowl meditations and a private ceremonial ritual clearing with a shaman.

“The weeklong immersion was enjoyable and encouraged healthy conversations that changed all of our perspectives,” he shares. “Experiencing the Ayurvedic way of life is something we may do annually as a family from now on.”

From anti-aging medicine to alternative therapies and classical modalities, Dr. Kim and the Coastal Anti-Aging team continue to serve the South Bay with a concierge medicine concept and custom IV therapeutic treatment perfect for those seeking a fresh approach to health and wellness.

Chong U. Kim, MD
Coastal Anti-Aging Medical Group

23560 Madison St., Suite 204, Torrance
424-328-0203  |
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