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Power couple Megan and Gretchen go after their dreams and build a South Bay spa empire.

“We knew our idea was worth pursuing because we recognized the need in the marketplace for more affordable and accessible spa services,” Gretchen says. “We decided to completely modernize the experience.”

Founded in 2013, Sand Spa specializes in massage, skin care and nail services. The concept of starting a spa came from both Gretchen’s and Megan’s memories of the sports massages they savored as college basketball players. After college, they simply couldn’t afford ongoing massage treatments on their own dime. 

And that sparked the incentive for the couple—partners in business and in life—to launch Sand Spa, a hub for high-quality services at affordable prices. “We believe that spa days shouldn’t be saved for special occasions but should be incorporated into your weekly or monthly wellness routine,” says Megan, who with Gretchen has removed the “fluff” typical of luxury salons so they can give clients more bang for the buck.

As true innovators in the spa industry, the two brainstorm new ways to elevate Sand Spa’s offerings. “When we expanded into nails, we brought a spa approach to the nail industry,” Megan says. “We pioneered standalone comfortable chairs with modern bowls and finishes, spa-like nail packages and an overall chic aesthetic instead of the tired nail salon vibe.” 

Remaining open to new possibilities is one way they have been able to develop Sand Spa while staying true to who they are. “Diversifying the people, thoughts and ideas we absorb is an important key to constantly growing,” shares Gretchen. “If you want to take your business to the next level, change up your routine and continue to build organically.”

Megan and Gretchen aim to lead by example—focusing on personal growth while shepherding the evolution of Sand Spa. They prioritize connecting with their staff—it doesn’t always have to be strictly business! 

“We continue to evolve and become better, and we want our staff to do the same,” Gretchen says. “We are collaborative and listen to our employees, shaping what we do to best suit them and meet the needs of our clients.”

Each Sand Spa location offers a welcoming culture—accepting of people from all walks of life. “As members of the LGBTQIA+ community,” says Megan, “we want Sand Spa to be a place where everyone can embrace who they are and show up as their authentic selves. While we may not be for everyone, we most certainly are for anyone.”

Above all, they have learned to trust their intuition while expanding Sand Spa. “If it doesn’t feel right, make another choice. Go after your dreams, and always DTM—Do The Most!”

  • Sand Spa, 3408 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach
  • Polish by Sand Spa, 3219 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach
  • Sand Spa, 325 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach
  • Polish by Sand Spa, 327 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach
  • Polish by Sand Spa, 953 N. Sycamore Ave., West Hollywood
  • Polish by Sand Spa, 2609 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance
  • Sand Spa, 1215 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach
  • Polish by Sand Spa, 1213 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach

Sand Spa & Polish by Sand Spa  |  @thesandspa
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