Jen Endacott
& Kris Lastition

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    Strand Hill | Forbes Global Properties

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    1311 Morningside Dr., Manhattan Beach

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    310-567-0949 (Kris) | 310-406-4515 (Jen)

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  • DRE # 01967214, 02204668
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    Women of the South Bay

Realtors® Jen Endacott and Kris Lastition represent buyers, sellers and investors in residential real estate transactions, working under the umbrella of Strand Hill | Forbes Global Properties. Kris has worked in real estate for nine years. She earned an economics degree from UCLA and worked in sales before she became a licensed Realtor. Jen earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology and worked as a therapist and a relationship coach before transitioning to the real estate industry this year. 

Why are you considered a go-to person in the South Bay community?

Kris: Having resided in nearly every corner of the South Bay, raising two daughters, navigating divorce, and engaging in the process of constructing, renovating and expanding homes, along with my extensive volunteering, I have cultivated a profound connection to the community with extensive networks. I also hold a certification in Divorce Real Estate, and about 30% of my clients are separated or divorced. 

What does success mean to you? 

Jen: Success is having a balanced life. It is not just about excelling at what you do for a living but excelling at living life and being happy. I find fulfillment when the people I care about most are thriving and happy. Life is not all about work; it is about living intentionally to create a balance of work, play and self-care.

Who has mentored you in your career? 

Kris: A considerable number of accomplished female Realtors thrive in our local community. Relationships with these women have given me guidance, expertise, networking, work ethic and humility along every step in my journey. They are strong, capable and work hard. It’s an honor to be among them. 

What advice would you give your younger self just starting out in business? 

Jen: Surround yourself with other women who support you and lift you up. Don’t let anyone tell you how life should be for you; decide for yourself. Have unwavering faith in your ability, have a plan and just go for it. Nothing can hold you back except yourself.

Photographed by Fabien & Laura Castro