Holly Socrates

Realtor® Holly Socrates has lived in the South Bay for more than 25 years—raising her children here and actively serving the community as a volunteer. Her background as an artist, art curator and interior designer benefits her real estate clients as she advises them through the process of buying and selling. Holly joined Vista Sotheby’s International Realty in 2019.

What inspired you to pursue a career in your field?  

I love living in the South Bay! Manhattan Beach is my favorite city on the planet, and I am so grateful to be a part of this community. I have seen the exponential gain of investing in real estate long term. My passion is to share my knowledge of our local real estate market with my clients and advise them through the buying and selling process to maximize their investment. 

Why are you considered a go-to person in the community? 

I genuinely care for my clients’ best interests. I give honest advice and treat each transaction as though it were my own money being invested. With my background as an interior designer, I understand realistic time frames and costs for renovations. I also understand the return on investment that renovations can bring, and I communicate that with clients.

Share a significant accomplishment from your career. 

I remember attending my very first sales meeting at Vista Sotheby’s. The Top 10 agents for gross sales volume that month were recognized for their accomplishments. I thought, “I’ll be on that list, and it will probably take me 2½ years to get there.” 

Then, six months later, the pandemic hit. There were no open houses. It was illegal to distribute marketing materials, and connecting with people was limited. I spent my time learning as much as I could about our local real estate market, California real estate laws and investment strategies. 

Exactly 2½ years from my start date, I made the Top 10 producer list. It was the highest-grossing month for sales volume in the history of the company, and I placed #8 of nearly 300 agents. The lesson I learned was that I can trust myself to reach my goals, as long as I keep showing up and putting in the work.

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell