Her Integrated Wellness

Her Integrated Wellness is a group of independent practitioners with a mission to improve women’s health. The comprehensive practice is owned by Katie Peters, PT, DPT, also the owner of BeachMama Wellness, and Stephanie Cortner, LAc, also the owner of Root&Branch Wellness. They are joined by registered dietitian Emily Luxford, owner of Luxford Nutrition, and other practitioners—offering functional education with integrated treatments such as pelvic floor therapy, functional medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, massage, physical therapy, mental health therapies and pediatric speech therapy. The wellness center includes a workshop space where various practitioners host classes including yoga, sound baths, meditation circles, Pilates and support groups.

How did you come up with the concept of Her Integrated Wellness?

Stephanie, who has a background in biochemistry, is an Eastern medicine practitioner trained and certified in functional medicine. She was running a wellness center when she met Katie, who holds a doctorate in physical therapy with additional certificates in pelvic floor rehabilitation. They began working together and realized it had always been a dream for both of them to own a space with a combined treatment approach. The idea to create a multidisciplinary wellness center was soon underway, and Her Integrated Wellness was born!

Emily became an integral part of the team, along with other like-minded practitioners who are motivated to create a community of healing in the South Bay. Emily has completed a didactic program in dietetics, holds a master’s degree in nutritional science, and has additional training and certification in integrative and functional nutrition.

Why are you considered the go-to wellness facility for this community?

Her Integrated Wellness serves as a one-stop shop for comprehensive women’s health. The practitioners pride themselves on treating the “whole you” and utilize integrative co-treatments when appropriate. At Her, our practitioners encourage women to realize their optimal potential.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

It is a pleasure to work in an office where there is a positive team environment with a collaborative philosophy. Each practitioner embodies a boutique style of health care. This model provides the time necessary to listen to each patient’s story and needs. Sharing this philosophy inspires the entire team.

What inspired you to pursue a career in your field?

Emily: I learned the power of nutrition through my own health struggles with celiac disease. I want to help others reduce their symptom load, prevent disease, and improve their quality of life through nutrition intervention and education. My interests include gut health, digestive disorders, and autoimmune conditions for both women and children.

Katie: After suffering through a chronic hip injury in my early 20s—with traditional physical therapy not working—I eventually tried pelvic floor therapy. The impact this treatment had on my hip and other symptoms was life-changing. After childbirth my passions shifted to peripartum care, as the need for support through this season of life is immeasurable.

Stephanie: I have always loved science and plants. My early working years were geared toward research in hormones and Western medicine. After working as a premed intern in a hospital, I realized the limitations of Western medicine. I wanted to treat patients with a comprehensive approach, which led me to obtain a license in Eastern medicine and additional training in functional medicine. I now integrate Eastern and Western studies to find the best course of treatment for patients.

How do you push for systemic change in the health care industry?

Her Integrative Wellness advocates for women’s alternative health care options, making them more readily available. The practitioners believe in a whole-body approach to care. They analyze the root cause of a patient’s symptoms in an effort to resolve the patient’s health issues. The ultimate goal is to incorporate this model of health care into conventional practices.

Tell us about your team approach.

The practitioners at Her Integrated Wellness discuss patient cases with each other, when indicated, to maximize the team’s expertise. This team approach provides greater insight into the healing process, leading to an efficient and empathetic protocol.

What advice would you give to women trying to navigate the health care system:

  • Network with your community. You are not alone, and they can offer advice and support when warranted.
  • There are typically lifestyle changes or alternative treatments that can be addressed before medication is needed.
  • Don’t be scared to challenge your health care team.
  • Ask “why?”—you should understand the reason behind the treatment recommendation.
  • It’s OK to say, “No, this treatment is not right for me.”
  • Even though some dysfunctions are common, it does not mean those symptoms are normal.

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell