Carrie Quinn

Maison Luxe is a full-service interior design firm and gift store in Hermosa Beach. Owner Carrie Quinn started the business in 2007 and has worked in the interior design field for over 30 years. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and has been a member of the American Society of Interior Designers since the beginning of her career. Maison Luxe offers complete design services from styling, staging and remodels to new construction. 

What sets your business apart?

What sets us apart is our retail store, where clients enjoy our fabric library, sit on our furniture and upholstery, and purchase home accessories—from candles to throws. Stop by to hear about our design services, purchase a gift or say hello! 

Which personality traits are most important for success in your field?

I believe that the ability to listen carefully to your clients is probably the most important tool. Furthermore, being able to keep a calm and centered demeanor when working on projects is important, as you never know what could come up. Having the ability to step back, stay calm and be a grounding force is an invaluable tool. Lastly, being able to ideate creative solutions and think outside of the box!

Why is it important for women to work in leadership roles?

I believe a lot of women lead from their intuition and are natural nurturers. But they are also naturally extremely hardworking and task-oriented. This mix of qualities allows them to stay centered while juggling different tasks.

What challenges are specific to your industry?

So much of what we do is custom and handcrafted furniture. We work with more than 100 vendors, contractors, subcontractors and architects. The challenging part is making sure all these interactions are coordinated seamlessly so a project stays on track. Another big challenge is the way the digital world has influenced design. Everyone has easy online access to design images; there can be a perception that design is an easy process. Interior design is like other art forms in that there are basic principles that need to be learned and understood before good design can shine through.

How are clients expressing their individuality in their homes?

We always say that Maison Luxe is not about our specific design style but rather about how we can best give you the home that best reflects your lifestyle. With that in mind, we love getting to know our clients, where they have traveled and what makes them who they are. This helps us express the individuality and uniqueness that the client wants for their home. We love being able to earn the trust of our clients in order to make a space that feels like them. 

How do you foster a positive work environment?

At the core of my business is my team. I try to practice gratitude and express appreciation for all of my team members. I encourage open communication, camaraderie and friendship among the team, as this allows us to be comfortable and trust each other and have fun while working. I am also very flexible and understanding when it comes to scheduling and understand that life happens outside of work. It’s best to be flexible, which leads to a happy and healthy team.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

My Maison Luxe team motivates me every day. I have found a great group of women, each with their own strengths and expertise, who truly help create a successful business. Not only are they all hard workers, but we are able to connect and laugh together, which makes work fun and enjoyable no matter how crazy the day gets.

What is the best part of your day?

Each morning I begin my day with a spiritual practice consisting of gratitude journaling, qigong, breath work and meditation. I have found that I have such a better attitude and outlook throughout the day when I stick to these practices, as they ground me in the morning. Implementing these practices allows me to go about my day with excitement and gratitude for my business, team and clients.

What’s new at Maison Luxe?

While we always have great new home decor merchandise as the seasons change, we have recently gotten into the wellness space. Wellness is my other big passion in addition to interior design. Being able to introduce this to the store has been so exciting. We have great products including organic green juice filled with dozens of superfoods; a restorative face serum made with artisanal ingredients in small batches; and an antiaging mattress cover that contains grounding properties while you sleep. The wellness space is so vast and experimental, it has great potential for business—especially in a health-centered area like the South Bay. 

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell