Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christine Petti Shares Her Wealth of Knowledge and Love of Beauty with the People in Her Life— Her Staff, Her Patients, Other Doctors and Her Own Daughters.

Forever young.

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Empowering women—and men—is at the core of what Christine Petti, MD, does for her patients every day. “Women across the globe have a fervor and commitment to care for others,” says Dr. Petti, who has been a board- certified plastic surgeon since 1990. “This is very rewarding but also can drain our bodies and spirits. Women in business must strive to find balance.”

Dr. Petti was raised by a strong woman—her cosmetologist mother, who taught her the value of aesthetic preservation—and now she in turn has raised two strong women: her daughters, Lauren Stoneburner and Jacqueline Stoneburner. She learned at a young age from both parents that looking good makes you feel good inside and out, and today she shares that lesson with her daughters as well as her patients.

“My father’s philosophy was that if you keep your mind young and your body young, you will reap the benefits of a balanced and fulfilled life,” she says. “I want my patients to look as young as they feel. I aim to restore a youthful attitude and self-image. Natural results and the restoration of a carefree, confident persona are key to the goals for my patients.”


Teach Your Children Well

The doctor and her surgeon husband, Dr. John Stoneburner—who live in Rancho Palos Verdes—taught their daughters the value of hard work, high standards, morality, ethics and empathy in all areas of life. Drawing from the challenges she has experienced being a female working in the health and beauty industry, Dr. Petti prepared Lauren and Jacqueline to handle the ups and downs as they enter the working world.

“I love being a female professional, but I initially struggled handling the double standards in the workplace,” shares Dr. Petti. “Remaining strong, I have overcome these challenges by strengthening my aesthetic education and positioning my practice at the top of the contemporary field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. I encourage women to remain self-confident in their unique talents throughout their careers.”

Just as her parents taught her to strive for physical and mental preservation, Dr. Petti has passed that lesson on to Lauren, who recently earned a master’s degree in environmental management from Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and is working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife Services in Santa Rosa, California, and Jacqueline, who is currently completing her medical degree and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

“I’ve taught my daughters—and I teach my patients—that it is okay to preserve yourself as you would a beautiful house, a classic car, a timeless piece of furniture, artwork or clothing,” Dr. Petti shares. “Your body is your temple; respect it. If you need plastic surgery to assist with the preservation efforts, go for it!”

A Synergistic Blend

Dr. Petti specializes in aesthetic surgery and laser procedures of the face, eyelids, nose, neck, breast, abdomen and body contouring. She also offers minimally invasive and noninvasive rejuvenating services through her award-winning Spa Bella Medical Day Spa. She is a former plastic surgery clinical instructor at the University of Southern California; has been highlighted as a medical expert on numerous television shows; makes national and international presentations on laser surgery and procedures; and has published multiple manuscripts in a variety of medical journals.

“Plastic surgery is exciting to me because it is a synergistic blend of my scientific skills and artistic talents,” she shares. The results are natural and long-lasting. Yet I also enjoy balancing my love for fashion, hair and makeup with my nonsurgical aesthetic cosmetic practice and services such as cosmetic injections, facial and hand fillers, skin peels and laser treatments.”

Dr. Petti recommends starting this fall to take care of your face and skin in preparation for the sacrifices the winter season requires. Indulging in healthy activities and beauty treatments now can help combat the seasonal blues many people experience.

“Soon it will be the holidays, and I know from my personal experience that this is the most challenging time of the year. As women, we dish more on our plate with the add-on holiday event planning, decorating, shopping, gift-wrapping, card-writing, cooking and traveling. Where does that leave us—looking fatigued and worn down? Say no to depression and yes to treatments that make you feel good. My team and I are all here to help you feel rejuvenated!”

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