Pain-Free Living

Early in his career, Dr. Diego Bignone is making a big splash in the world of holistic health care.

Pain. Medication. Surgery. Those aren’t the things we want to deal with here in sunny Southern California. We prioritize health, wellness, a positive attitude, an active lifestyle. But it’s difficult to be positive and active when you’re dealing with back or neck pain.

“A patient recently came into our office with back pain that has been going on for seven years,” shares Diego Bignone, DC, owner of Beach Cities Chiropractic in Redondo Beach. “She limped into our office, taking baby steps to get to the exam room and using a brace around her waist for support.”

Dr. Diego sees situations like this frequently in his work as a chiropractor. “Most patients come to us to get rid of their pain,” he says. “As people begin to go through their treatments, they start to see all systems of the body improve.”

And that’s exactly what happened to his recent patient. “Since starting care with us, she is no longer using a brace, walks normally and has regained her life.”

Why is chiropractic care such an effective, noninvasive treatment for pain and approach to health care? It’s because of the holistic method of chiropractors like Dr. Diego. They analyze the spine, looking for spinal curvature and reducing misalignments along the spinal column. Called subluxations, these misalignments can put pressure on the nerves that control joints, muscles and organs.

“Every organ and cell in the body is controlled by the central nervous system, which is protected by the bony structures of the human body and most importantly the spine,” explains Dr. Diego. “We examine the body completely differently than other physicians and therapists. We look to the spine first for health concerns, and we also trace the organ functions and effects.”

“We help people get rid of low back and neck pain without the need for surgery or medications.”

The result is a natural cure for pain, helping patients avoid surgeries and medication. “There are a lot of medications out there. Some of it is good, but a lot is unnecessary,” he says. “We help people get rid of low back and neck pain without the need for surgery or medications.”

Often patients seek treatment at Beach Cities Chiropractic because of pain that comes from sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer screen. “We see people who have tried everything from physical therapy to cortisone injections,” shares the doctor. “We teach the proper posture—the perfect way to sit, stand and sleep in order to reduce this type of pain.”

Chiropractic care stresses preventive health before a patient ever needs the help of a professional. “We should not wait for the next crisis to get healthy,” says Dr. Diego. “We want to keep our bodies as healthy as possible so when there is a crisis, our body is in its best possible position to defend itself. The ideal time to get healthy is now.”

A Los Angeles native, Dr. Diego opened Beach Cities Chiropractic this April. In less than six months, he is taking care of 200 patients a week. “I was surprised to be able to help so many people so soon in my career,” he shares. “I love chiropractic care. It is the most misunderstood health profession. I went into this industry to help people experience the miracles millions of other patients have experienced through this area of health care.”

He’s grateful to his team for contributing to the quick success of his practice. “Everything is a team effort. When a patient comes in and has an amazing experience, it’s because the entire team helped that person. Healing starts the moment they walk through the door.”

What’s next for this rising young star? He’d like to expand into more modalities in addition to chiropractic. “Physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy are all amazing forms of health care,” he says, “and I would like to create a place where a patient can depend on us for multiple avenues.”

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