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Mild temperatures, abundant sunshine and limited space make potted dwarf citrus an ideal addition to your home landscape. Make the most of your Meyers, mandarins and limes with these helpful tips.

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    Christine Georgiades
  1. Plant in a pot with room to grow (at least 10” to 14” for two- to three-year-old trees) and plenty of drainage.

  3. Use a lightweight soil mix and add a slow-release fertilizer once the roots have settled. Citrus trees love nitrogen, so find a fertilizer that can provide the correct and balanced nutrition.

  5. Water regularly, but don’t over-water. Roots should be about 50% dry.

  7. Brighter the better. Find a spot where the tree can get about six to eight hours of sunlight daily.

  9. Keep damaging pests at bay with horticultural spray oil that won’t deter necessary pollinators.

  11. After fruit harvesting, do some light pruning.