Logan Goodman Is Taking the Traditional Art Gallery and Flipping It on Its Head

Bring it home.

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    Arts, People
  • Written by
    Quinn Roberts
  • Photographed by
    Adelaide Brannan

Logan Goodman, 28, knows what he likes. With a discerning eye, youthful ambition and South Bay roots, he’s finding new ways to connect residents with up-and-coming artists.

“I saw a lot of the same photos everywhere. It has made me find new artists,” says Logan. “I just know so much more is out there besides that. My goal is to show other artists that maybe you have or haven’t seen.”

While at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, Logan focused so strongly on soccer that a future in the art world never crossed his mind. He never took art classes or plugged in to social media—not even an Instagram account. Ten years later, he is amazed at how much his interests have changed.

Logan spent two years in film school before starting work to find out what he truly enjoyed and could excel at. That transition started with his dad, who connected him with an artist friend in Phoenix in need of representation in Los Angeles. Logan soon added more clients to his roster and connected with Michael Palumbo, a real estate developer in Calabasas, to hang their art in Michael’s staged homes. 

“I represented them based on what I liked and by knowing what the clientele would like. With so many modern glass homes, I knew what would work and at certain price points,” says Logan. “I wanted the art to be the focal point instead of it being the last thing.”

While Logan Goodman Art Gallery officially began in July 2018 when the first client piece sold, he started the online gallery in August 2022 to make it easier for the artist, the clients and himself. That first sale, which was a set of three glass sculpture bags by artist Dylan Martinez, gave him the confidence to move forward. 

While many online art galleries provide only prints, Logan offers paintings, photographs, prints, ceramics and sculptures. No artist is represented on his site until he’s sold at least one piece of their art. That is his promise to them. 

He’s constantly on his phone combing through platforms like Artsy, 1stDibs, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. Currently he works with nine artists who are located throughout the country.

“I represented them based on what I liked and by knowing what the clientele would like. With so many modern glass homes, I knew what would work and at certain price points”

One of his clients—who is familiar to some South Bay residents—is local artist Richard Podgurski Jr., a talented photographer focused primarily on aerial and landscape images. One of Logan’s most well-known clients is Eric Zener, a Northern California artist who paints with water as a primary element.

While Logan’s age may be surprising to some, Candice CMC, another artist he represents, says this is something she never even thought about when working with him because he is so professional and has such a great eye. 

“Good relationships with artists are important, and he’s mastered that. He’s kept me up to date on everything and has been up front from the beginning. That isn’t always the case with other people and galleries, so I really appreciate all of that.” 

Her art consists of hundreds of sharp-focus photographic images of colorful donuts. Candice first photographs the donuts and then studies the characteristics of each so she can arrange them according to their tones, colors, values and intensity to create an iconic portrait. Logan has sold a few pieces for Candace in the South Bay—a location she never would have thought to sell her art since she is based in Long Island, New York. 

That connection is key to Logan’s success. He’s digging deeper into artist collections and learning more about their backgrounds, motivations and processes in the hopes of finding potential buyers in the South Bay. Logan plans to expand his focus outside the South Bay and represent more artists in the future. 

Until then, he is pounding the pavement. He recently made 200 postcards with a QR code and information about the gallery, put each in an envelope with a wax seal and left them at local homes in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. He’s already seen his hard work pay off by selling a few pieces as a result. His next spot will likely be Palos Verdes.

“It was such a slow process in the beginning,” says Logan. “As time has gone on, I’m mature enough to now say this is my brand, and I’ve found what I like. I feel comfortable and am confident.”