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VOX DJs keeps the good times rolling on your special day.

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Know someone in the South Bay who’s professional, outgoing and friendly? Someone who loves people and music, dancing and performing? Someone who can’t help but put a smile on people’s faces with their magnetic personality?

That someone might just be one of VOX DJs’ 100 employees. For the last 20 years, VOX DJs has attracted and recruited talented, enthusiastic performers from across Southern California. They equip these up-and-coming DJs, MCs and live auctioneers to host events of all types through their custom training program. Whether you’re planning a fundraising event for charity, a sophisticated sit-down dinner for your business, a wedding or family gathering, or a wild dance party for hundreds of your closest friends, VOX DJs offers event professionals to fit any style or vibe.

South Bay native and Mira Costa High School alum KC Campbell took over ownership of VOX DJs entertainment company in 2008. KC has continued to grow the brand year after year. Currently, VOX DJs has four offices in the South Bay, Orange County, San Diego and Phoenix, Arizona. 

Instead of functioning as a talent agency, KC wanted to have a more hands-on approach by actively recruiting and training his team and helping each member develop their “DJ persona.” He shares, “This has allowed VOX DJs to build a strong family of DJs who are bonded by a love of music, committed to professionalism, and share a passion for performing at events. We could not be more proud of our amazing team at VOX DJs.”

In 2013, KC struck gold at the Downtown Manhattan Beach Starbucks. Store manager Ricky Hayes was working the job on the side while completing his degree at Long Beach State University. Ricky, a South Bay native and graduate of Bishop Montgomery High School, had worked in several professions—starting as a drummer in local bands when he was a teen. This was followed by an internship at Long Beach indie record label The Militia Group, where he grew into a management position and worked until 2010.

KC happened to be a regular Starbucks customer—favoring espresso shots!—and Ricky learned that he was the owner of VOX DJs. “We really hit it off talking about music and our love for performing, and eventually jamming in a band called Party Wave that we put together,” Ricky shares. “KC saw a skill set in me that would lend itself well to being a professional DJ/MC. It takes a passion for music and performance combined with outstanding organizational and communication skills. Crazy enough, it was an ideal job for me.”

Ricky threw his name in the hat in case a leadership role at VOX DJs became available. About a week later, KC hired him to manage and develop the first expansion of VOX DJs into a new office in Irvine. Ricky worked hard to build the Irvine VOX DJs location into a successful brand. He continued to work his way up the corporate ladder and has served as COO since 2019, overseeing all operations and thousands of events annually.

“It was quite the journey, but I had finally found the music business job I had been dreaming of,” Ricky says. “I now lead a local business that is passionate about providing the best event experiences possible for our clients—week in and week out.”

The mission of VOX DJs is to provide clients with an unforgettable event experience through music and performance. In addition to live professional talent in the form of DJs and MCs, VOX DJs also offers dynamic event lighting, fun-filled photo booth experiences and talented live music options for events. Even more importantly, they aim to leave a lasting legacy of “good vibes” through the memories they help define and create.  ​​

Call on VOX DJs to bring enthusiasm and energy to your next celebration!


310-372-2222  |  VOXDJs.com  |  @voxdjs
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