Leaving a Legacy

The attorneys of Guzman Law Group assist clients in preparing for the future.

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Life brings lots of changes, and those changes can significantly impact your future and that of your loved ones. After more than three decades of advocating for the South Bay community through a variety of legal services, Guzman Law Group has become a voice of consistency—a trusted advisor—through changing times. 

Led by founder and attorney Denise M. Guzman, this Manhattan Beach-based law firm guides clients through business and finance transactions, trust and civil litigation, estate planning and trust administration. With the firm’s wide breadth of legal services and collaborative approach, Guzman Law Group excels at assisting clients in matters that combine multiple facets of law—including preparing estate plans, administration of trusts and the probate of estates. The firm works with both individuals and family businesses to preserve and protect their wishes.

“Anticipating the needs of your estate and providing for the preservation of your wealth while you are still living is one of the greatest gifts you can give subsequent generations of your family or nonprofit organizations that you wish to support,” says Denise.

Attorneys Marcus Chang and Jane S. Lee assist clients with their estate plans while bringing different perspectives based on their experience and areas of expertise.  Marcus is a business, trust and probate attorney whose career began in the Phoenix, Arizona, prosecutor’s office. In 2013, he found his home at Guzman Law Group in the fields of business, estate planning and trust administration. Marcus’ knowledge of business formations and acquisitions serves the family businesses he works with to create their corporate succession and estate plan, and he uses a collaborative style in guiding family members through difficult trust administrations.

“I apply as much passion  and care to our clients’ matters as I would to my  own personal matters.”

“My clients see me as a guide,” he says, “whether it is in estate planning, where I provide them with options to help accomplish their goals for their estate plan based on their assets and desires, or in the administration of a trust or probate estate, where I help them navigate the process and support them in dealing with family dynamics.”

Jane is an associate attorney working primarily in the areas of estate planning, trust and probate administration. She earned a JD degree and a Master of Laws degree in taxation. Before joining the firm in 2019, she assisted individuals and businesses with developing efficient and strategic tax-planning solutions.

Protecting assets and ensuring that their wishes will be carried out are services that give clients peace of mind. Providing that level of security and relief is what both Marcus and Jane do best, and that is part of what makes them—and Guzman Law Group—the Face of Law in the South Bay.

“My inspiration comes from my desire to please my clients, whether it is providing information to help them better understand their situation or acting as their advocate, or shield, when necessary,” Marcus shares. “I apply as much passion and care to our clients’ matters as I would to my own personal matters, and I believe our clients see that.”

“Marcus and Jane are assets to our firm,” states Denise. “They are both caring and insightful, detailed-oriented and diligent. Their multifaceted viewpoints and legal experience make the process as easy as possible for our clients.”

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