Inspiration to Increase Your Well-Being Is Just a Read Away with These Fantastic New Books

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A Healthier Home: The Room-by-Room Guide to Make Any Space a Little Less Toxic

By Shawna Holman

When the pharmaceuticals used to treat her chronic sinus infections and migraines nearly killed her, Shawna Holman realized it was time to take agency over her own health. She looked carefully at what she was putting on and into her body and bringing into her home. She began implementing small, simple lifestyle changes that she calls swaps. Within days she began feeling significantly better and soon was completely pain-free. In A Healthier Home, Shawna shares her approach to make life “ALLT” (a little less toxic)—a practice she’s honed since making her first swap in 2013. A Healthier Home is a comprehensive reference guide to eliminate the common yet toxic things in our daily lives while holistically improving our overall well-being.

The Glucose Goddess Method:
The 4-Week Guide to Cutting Cravings, Getting Your Energy Back, and Feeling Amazing

By Jessie Inchauspé

In the follow-up to her international bestseller Glucose Revolution, biochemist and author Jessie Inchauspé gives her readers and her 1.9 million Instagram followers an eagerly awaited, actionable companion to her first book. The Glucose Goddess Method takes the essential information for balancing blood sugar that was laid out in Glucose Revolution and offers a practical, four-week plan to implement the hacks that flatten glucose spikes. Rather than implementing all the hacks at one time, each week a new hack is introduced—allowing readers to more effortlessly integrate the changes into their daily routine. The book also has 100 super-easy recipes, a workbook to track individual progress, and useful tidbits and answers to questions on the method. It also shares dozens of testimonials of people experiencing positive results with the method including increased energy, improved sleep, reversing PCOS, better skin and, in many cases, weight loss without dieting.

The Book of Charlie: Wisdom from the Remarkable American Life of a 109-Year-Old Man

By David Von Drehle

When veteran Washington Post journalist David Von Drehle and his family moved to Kansas, he met his centenarian neighbor, Charlie White, forming an unexpected and life-shaping friendship. Charlie had a fascinating personal story of courage, perseverance and adventure that embodied the true meaning of life. His longevity allowed him to witness the most tumultuous, transformative century in human history. David describes Charlie as “a true surfer on a sea of change.” David, who always wanted to write a book to inspire his four children, wrote The Book of Charlie as a gift to them and to share with the world Charlie’s remarkable story and his secret to a life well lived.