In Good Taste

Chase Kern brings uncommon style to the distinguished South Bay gentleman.

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    Laura L. Watts
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    Siri Berting

An artisan is hard at work, taking  a client’s measurements and designing a custom piece of menswear based on his years of experience honing his craft. He focuses intently on his creation, helping the gentleman standing before him choose just the right fabric and style.

No, it’s not an Italian textile house in the early 1900s. It’s Manhattan Beach, circa 2022, and modern-day clothier Chase Kern is doing what he does best: curating luxury, tailored men’s garments that are customized for each client in both style and fit.

“A lot of men have never had anything custom-made for themselves,” Chase says. “But after clients wear my garments, they end up coming back to revamp their wardrobe. The Bespoke By Chase client has exquisite taste for luxury goods.”

The sartorial fashion business has grown tremendously recently—particularly for those who are aware of the subtle yet significant difference custom clothing can make. And that’s where Bespoke by Chase comes in. The firm’s clients are men who want to look good while investing in a wardrobe that will stand the test of time. Chase offers a chance to own something that not only fits perfectly but is exclusive to your closet alone.

“I’ve brought  the best of Beverly Hills to the South Bay.”

He began his career nearly two decades ago at Nordstrom and moved on to Saks Fifth Avenue and Gucci, immersing himself in the world of Beverly Hills high-end luxury fashion and exquisite craftsmanship. After absorbing all he could in that environment, he embarked on his dream to open his own luxury custom menswear shop. And Bespoke by Chase was born in the heart of Manhattan Beach. 

“I’ve brought the best of Beverly Hills to the South Bay for those who desire a sophisticated, diverse wardrobe,” says Chase, who can update a client’s existing clothing or curate a new collection of apparel. “When I meet with a client, I get to know him and ask what he does for a living and how he’s going to wear the garments. Then we dive into fabrics and start the Bespoke process.”

In a world gone crazy for comfort—especially during the pandemic shutdown—Bespoke by Chase has adapted to the times but with great style, providing stretch fabrics to create custom suits, shirts, trousers and jeans. In addition to luxury formalwear, Chase has curated seasonal sportswear collections including Italian sneakers, five-pocket stretch khakis, fine cashmere knitwear, belts, ties and even Italian swim trunks.

Why bother with custom-made clothes when there are so many ready-made options? A bespoke wardrobe will boost your confidence because the clothes fit better (and last longer). You can flaunt your individuality, knowing that your clothes properly fit your body, personality and lifestyle.

And you can trust Chase to keep you on trend, as he keeps a constant eye on the fashion market and travels to trade shows throughout the United States and Italy. He works with top fabric mills around the world including Zegna, Loro Piana and Dormeuil.

Originally from Portland, Chase has been a South Bay local for more than 13 years. When he’s not working, he is fond of golf, pickleball and woodworking. He spends time with friends, his wife, Mandy, and his dog, Bogey—who is his #1 salesgirl. You can find Bogey daily on the sidewalk outside Bespoke by Chase, finding ways to charm delivery drivers for dog treats. Meanwhile Chase is inside the shop, finding ways to deliver an exceptional experience to his clients.

“My clients have many choices to make throughout their busy day,” he says. “My goal is to make their daily ‘what to wear’ choice effortless.” 

Bespoke By Chase

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