Health guru Tommy Cassano wants you to let go of things in your life that don’t serve you

Biohacking your way to fitness.

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  • Interviewed by
    Darren Elms
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    Josh Ryan

You say your father was a huge influence on your approach to health. How so?

At the age of 6 my father had my brother and I up before school, training. People at that time thought it was weird that our family was committed to heath at that level. Later on I realized that health is one of the most important items to living a fulfilled life. We would work out, practice the given sport of the season and follow that up with a “SuperDrink,” which modern-day would be labeled a superfoods smoothie for $16.99. Today I am grateful for my father’s early lessons as foundational knowledge in health because it has not just impacted my life but also the lives of my clients. Health is not a routine; it is a lifestyle.

How did playing college football at Colgate alter your fitness routine?

I learned discipline, patience and tenacity to reach a powerful, 235-pound body in four years and earn a starting position every game. However, when I got my physical senior year, the doctor labeled me “clinically obese”—which altered my mindset forever. I thought I was doing everything right in my health, but I had a lot to learn. I promised myself after football I would commit everything to health and study the masters. I have been experimenting with my body for over 15 years now, gaining 60 pounds and losing 60 pounds using every health hack in the book … transposing this knowledge with myself and the array of clients in my Dedicated Detox program.

You were in the corporate world for some time. What motivated you to make the transition to health and fitness full-time?

I was burned out, tired and exhausted. Something had to change. I was not living an authentic life or lifestyle. My heart desired to help others and teach my passion of health and fitness: ripping away the façade of what “normal” should look like and exposing myself to the truth I was called upon.

You are an advocate for biohacking. What is that, and how does that translate to someone’s daily lifestyle?

In my use of the word “biohacking,” it is a contrarian approach to looking at the body as a holistic “all parts affect the whole” relationship to health. In other words, every body is different and requires specific nutrients and routines for a desired outcome. This is why celebrities and executives work with me: because I look for the highest leverage area in their health to get the best outcome— saving them years off their learning curve and accelerating results.

Many South Bay followers sign up for your Dedicated Detox program. What’s the desired goal for someone who joins you on that 28-day process?

Generally people want to get rid of fatigue, cut weight/fat loss and look sexy; yet what comes unexpected is they experience more joy and fulfillment and overall enthusiasm for life again. Then there is the occasional person who wants to fall in love, and they meet a wonderful community.

Is the key to wellness mostly found in our nutrition?

Not necessarily. Most people think if they eat salads, clean food and work out they will get results. But actually there is so much more to health than just that. For example, stress and sleep are highly overlooked and assessed seriously with all my clients.

There’s a small, community feel to the program. Was that intentional?

Even though our community is very popular, I maintain a small community feel in order to drive results and provide personal interaction to each individual in the program.

As co-owner of Beastie gym, you work with some heavy-hitters. Who have been some of your favorite clients?

Executives and celebrities and how they inspire me. I have had the privilege to work with people like Maria Sharapova (professional tennis player), Rebecca Soni (Olympic gold medalist swimmer), Brendan Brazier (endurance athlete and creator of Vega), NBA/NFL players and many more.

You also maintain amazing shape yourself. What are some of your favorite athletic activities outside the studio?

Spending time in the mountains running 100-mile ultra-trail races, hiking north of the arctic circle in Brooks Range, Alaska, for three weeks with my brother and dad, and learning from ancient elders in places like Peru and Italy who live longer and happier lives than traditional Westerners. Follow him on Instagram @tommycassano.