Camera to Canvas

Southbay photographer Shane O’Donnell branches out and brushes with a new art medium.

As both a photographer and a painter, Shane is inspired by Americana—like vintage signs and objects with an aging patina. “The rough bits caused by weather and age excite me artistically,” he shares, “like the old motel signs and movie marquees. They are the visual history of a bygone era … colorful and showy, full of life and sometimes a bit worse for wear.”

Shane added to his painting portfolio his take on the iconic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro. “I have always admired the art of painting, and I feel that photographs of these signs seem flat and not interesting
enough to share the enthusiasm I feel for them. So I decided to paint them. They are a noticing … a pseudo-realistic impression of what was once glimmering, shining and welcoming.”

Warner Grand, 18”x 24“ acrylic on canvas. To see more of Shane’s work, go to