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Local business helps us stay clean when we need it most.

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Keeping our surroundings clean and sanitary is especially important to all of us right now. So it’s reassuring to know that we have an expert right here in our community to assist with our efforts.

For the past 25 years, chasing away germs and grime has been the primary focus of Door to Door Cleaners—an award-winning dry cleaning and tailoring company serving Greater Los Angeles. Considered an essential business in this time of stay-at-home orders, Door to Door is ready and able to care for and properly disinfect your clothing and household textiles. From cleaning and disinfecting items in your home—such as rugs, upholstery, pillows, linens and drapes—to full fluff-and-fold laundry service and dry cleaning, Door to Door offers comprehensive care for your wardrobe and household.

According to the CDC, the antimicrobial action of the laundering process destroys microorganisms, particularly in hot-water washing. Door to Door’s laundry process goes a step further, using Trebon Plus—a powerful, pathogen-killing detergent that is free of environmentally harmful ingredients. This is paired with professional high-heat drying equipment, which neutralizes most viruses and bacteria that may be living on fabrics … and gives clients peace of mind in these troubling times. For their dry cleaning, Door to Door uses the GreenEarth process, utilizing high heat for a long period of time to inactivate bacteria and viruses.

The company’s services also include tailoring, shoe repair, handbag restoration, furniture spot cleaning and even complex restoration cases from fire or water damage. In fact, Door to Door recently helped residents restore their belongings damaged by the Malibu fires.

Service to the community is a high priority for Door to Door Cleaners, in addition to providing textile care for the ordinary and the extraordinary. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have donated time and effort to make face masks for a local hospital—giving back to this area’s selfless health care workers. The masks, which include a filter pocket, were made by repurposing muslin and linen cloth that the company usually uses to preserve wedding gowns. On their social media pages, Door to Door is offering helpful tips such as how to clean reusable grocery bags and how to safely make homemade cleaning solutions.

“Our hope is that you and your families are taking the necessary steps to stay healthy and remain positive. Together we will get through this time as a community.”

“We founded Door To Door Cleaners in 1992 with a simple mission: to provide premier dry cleaning services with the model of convenience to our customers,” says Sajid Veera, who owns the business with his brother, Habib Veera, and the Veera family.

“Every business owner knows it takes a special set of skills to operate a business successfully, and everyone knows it also takes a special set of skills to navigate family life successfully,” says Habib. “As a family business, the challenge is to navigate the two. As a model, we attempt to always put family first.”

Door to Door Cleaners wants to help you put your family’s safety first. The business is committed to providing services to the best of their ability under the current circumstances, and it’s thanks to the community supporting small businesses such as theirs that the Door to Door team is able to continue to take care of customers. Five of their locations are currently open for business, and they are also offering free pickup and delivery so you can stay safely at home while they do all the work.

“To our valued customers: We truly appreciate your continued loyalty to our company, as it helps us provide the needed support to our employees and their families in this uncertain time,” says Habib. Sajid expresses a similar sentiment: “Our hope is that you and your families are taking the necessary steps to stay healthy and remain positive. Together we will get through this time as a community.”

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