At Home With Sarah Robarts

Behind her gorgeous design in Luanda Bay.


Lunada Bay, Palos Verdes Estates

How long at this current home?

February 2018

Who lives here?

Myself and my two children, Daisy and Jamie

How would you describe the style of your home?

A Spanish hacienda-style home with bohemian décor surrounded by art, textiles from around the world and bookshelves filled with books and beloved objects. My home reflects my world travels. There are some elements of classic modern design combined with decorative bohemian elements.

Who created the interior design?

I did, with the help of Angela Alex-—my dear friend, tennis buddy and interior designer whom I adore. She is based in Palos Verdes but has clients all over the world and has the best eye for detail! I love how she got my eclectic taste and went with it rather than changing it to conform to any style.

Do you have a favorite room?

My bedroom. It has a gorgeous, old brick fireplace and lovely big doors that open onto a beautiful balcony overlooking my cactus garden and the ocean. I love the little touches like my colorful pillows and the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with a combination of art objects and my favorite books. It’s a luxury to have so much space to relax in, and I am so grateful for the huge windows and doors. Natural sunlight and ocean views are the best way to start the day.

Minimalism or the more the merrier?

I love a combo. I start with a minimalist canvas and aim to keep the space clean and simple with a neutral, elegant palette, and then I end up layering on the color, the objects and the art. I think it is just my character and love of art objects. I can’t help myself from collecting beautiful objects that make me happy and inspire me!

Do you have a favorite piece of art or décor?

The painting in my study. It is a 5-by-4-foot acrylic and oil on canvas with some charcoal drawing layered on top. It is definitely a muted palette, but it is a joint work with my mother. She is a very accomplished painter and shows her work all over the world. This painting started in Kenya, lived with me in London for years and now I have it in L.A. Mum started it, and I finished it. It means a lot to me, and I love that it is a joint work. I have no intention of ever selling it but want to pass it on to my daughter. It is her favorite piece. We need her to make some marks on it so that it’s a Robarts painting by three generations of women.

Neutrals or color for your preferred palette?

I love both! I love to start with neutrals and then layer on the color accents. Right now, I am obsessed with pink. Last year everything I painted was green, and before that, blue. I had a long period of painting white and grey for about 10 years prior to that. Right now I am all about bright pinks and reds and vibrant color combinations. I adore ABC Home in New York City for little vintage pieces and soft accent furnishings.

What will never make its way into your home?

I dare not say! I am pretty open to creative ideas and combinations. I struggle with all of the sports photos and baseball paraphernalia that my son loves. It is not my style, but I love that he loves it so we make sure he gets to enjoy his own style.

Do you like to entertain at home or prefer to enjoy your home on your own?

Yes, I absolutely love entertaining at home on the weekends. Dinner parties with unusual combinations of friends and interesting people are my favorite. On the weekend, I am happiest when I have lots of people over and a chance to cook and entertain. The weeks are so intense with my work and travel that it is perfect to relax at home with loved ones. That isn’t to say that I don’t equally love and appreciate my time with my kids or my alone time to paint and garden. It is finding the balance that is the challenge.

What keeps you living here?

How happy my kids are here. They adore PV and in particular Lunada Bay and Malaga Cove, and it is a healthy, beautiful place to live. I have asked them many times if they want us to move back to the Palisades and they say, “Only without us.” I love being on the ocean. Plus, our house shares a fence with their school, and it couldn’t be more convenient.

If you could change one thing at your home, what would it be?

The kitchen … it could use a facelift, but it gets the job done!

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? 

Paris, South of France or Tahiti. I love having an office and wonderful team in NYC, and my family and work takes me to London too. So I feel that I get to enjoy those two amazing cities and still be based in my favorite place of all.

What should every home have and why?

Good energy! I appreciate the yoga, prayer, meditation and Baha’i meetings that go on at home and the great energy that the kids and their friends bring with them. I think all of this energy contributes to our well-being and brings life to our home.