At home with real estate agent Erin Coppola

Traditional with a touch of California Coast.


Tree Section of Manhattan Beach.

How long at this current home?

Since 2011 … complete with a toddler and 6-week-old baby.

Who lives here?

My husband, Brian, and I with our kids, Justin and Nina, and our sweet pup, Sawyer.

How would you describe the style of your home?

Traditional with a touch of California coast.

Tell us about your outdoor space.

We love to entertain and wanted a space that kids could enjoy through the years. Tetherball, ping-pong, cornhole—if it’s a lawn game, we have it. Brian took the lead on the BBQ set-up to make sure there was a clear view of the TV for whatever sport is on and extra seating so the guys can hang out while grilling.

We also wanted something low-maintenance. We chose to hardscape and plant succulents, as they are easy to maintain, and added the deck and fire pit to bring in some warmth.

Did you employ any help with the design?

Yes, we had an amazing team! Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs helped with both the layout and design. She also served as our project manager and worked closely with James Christopher Construction for the concrete work and Wendy Akiyama of Sunflower Farms for the landscaping. Her ability to quickly understand our needs and coordinate all the moving parts made for a seamless and easy project.

Do you have a favorite piece of art or decor?

The wall planters. We love the pop of color and unique design.

How about furniture or décor?

The deck and built-in seating. The string lights and the fire pit create a great nighttime ambience for hanging with friends.

Minimalism or the more the merrier?

Less is definitely more.

Neutrals or color for your preferred palette?

Neutrals with a pop of color.

What will never make its way into your home?

Clutter. In the rare instance something hasn’t yet been organized, it is neatly tucked away until it can be.

Do you like to entertain at home or prefer to enjoy on your own?

Entertain at home. Creating memories with the people we love—in the space we live—is what makes it home.

What keeps you living there?

The neighborhood—the proximity to downtown and school, combined with great neighbors.

If you could change one thing at your home, what would it be?

This is a tough one, as we love our home. With one wish we would probably ask for a direct-access garage.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? 

We were both born and raised in Southern California and our families are here, so it is difficult to picture being anywhere else. That said, if we had to move, we’d love an ocean view.

What should every home have?

Enough food and wine for an impromptu get-together with friends and family.