Ahead of the Game

Local Realtor® and former professional athlete Joe Buck scores big points for his real estate clients despite a global pandemic.

Who knew how competitive the real estate market would become as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown? “I’m the busiest I’ve ever been, and this is the most success my business has had,” says Realtor® Joe Buck, a licensed broker who works with Compass. Helping clients navigate the new ways people buy and sell homes has become his #1 focus over the past year. We asked Joe a few questions about this recent phenomenon in the real estate world.

Joe, tell us about the changes you’ve encountered since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Joe Buck: Real estate has changed significantly from the first few months of the shutdown. The market started heating up after the holidays—huge jumps in activity and prices. Real estate is now extremely fast-paced. I have to be ready with my finger on the pulse of home prices and new listings. It is absolutely imperative that I’m 100% locked in on all aspects of the market.

What changes have you made to your business? 

JB: I attribute my recent success to having systems in place for everything. Compass leads the industry in tech systems designed to keep agents organized to meet our clients’ needs and the day-to-day necessities of the business. This has allowed us to continue helping buyers and sellers without skipping a beat—from day one of the shutdown. I have systems in place to help clients successfully close, whether they are buying or selling. And of course we’re doing all of this safely, in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines. 

“It’s this tenacity that makes me unrelenting when it comes to my clients’ best interests.”

What makes you stand out from the crowd of local Realtors?

JB: My unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. I strive for perfection and have a tenacious work ethic. I believe this is due to my mentality of being a former professional athlete—that’s what drives my business today. 

You played professional ball and at the same time became passionate about your real estate investments. So after you retired from basketball, it was a natural fit to turn real estate into your full-time work. How has your experience as a professional athlete impacted your work this year?

JB: This shutdown period reminds me of some of the more intense preseason training phases where the objective was to add more difficulties to the normal routine so you were challenged under extreme conditions. This exercise would refine your skills for when difficult times came up in a game. This past year felt like I was “training in sand,” if that makes sense. Everything was a bit heavier, more challenging to trudge through. I think we’re still running in sand now to some degree, but my business has become fully adapted—so the extra weight feels more comfortable as we continue to open back up. It’s this tenacity that makes me unrelenting when it comes to my clients’ best interests.

What is the silver lining of this pandemic for your business?

JB: I’ve been able to help buyers take advantage of historically low interest rates, make sound long-term investments and capitalize on this unique time. And I’ve helped sellers take advantage of a market that will yield a top-dollar payout for their home. The systems and streamlined operations I’ve been utilizing during the past year have proven themselves as my clients and I step out in strides in front of my competitors.

 Joe Buck  |  Broker Associate, Compass

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