A Winning Game Plan

Financial advisor Tania Kvakic helps her clients achieve new heights.

Photographed by Suzie Dover

No matter your age or profession, understanding your finances so you can achieve your goals is truly the definition of success. If you happen to work as a professional athlete or entertainer—or you’re classified as “high net worth”—the stakes are elevated when it comes to creating your wealth and legacy game plan.

A rapid accumulation of wealth, while thrilling, must be leveraged with super smart choices. Selecting an accomplished, proactive support team can help you plan for the future while you’re still in the spotlight. And that includes all aspects of your life—not just your money.

“Being a financial advisor is much more than managing money,” says Tania Kvakic, who has 16 years of industry experience on her side. “Athletes in particular are the CEOs of themselves and their brand. Whether they’re signing a playing contract, moving in with a significant other or starting a new venture, their business is their life. And we’re there every step of the way.”

Learning the Ropes

Tania is the head of RBC Sports Professionals Leadership Council at RBC Wealth Management, a global investment advisory firm that has served clients for more than a century. Before joining RBC in 2006, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in international business management and a Master of Science degree in personal financial planning. She holds several industry certifications and has been named to Forbes’ lists of Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors, Best-in-State Wealth Advisors and Top Women Wealth Advisors for several years.

Education is instrumental in developing a solid financial future, and Tania arms clients with fiscal know-how pertaining to their unique circumstances and the decisions they must make. “The industry is always advancing, and the key is to keep educating yourself and setting goals for your entire life—not just during your playing career.”

Team Effort

Tania takes an approach that is centered on building trust and communication within families and  managing clients’ comprehensive needs—including income, investments, retirement, tax considerations, insurance and estate planning services. She works hand in hand with clients’  tax professionals, attorneys and other support specialists. High net worth individuals and families face distinct financial challenges, including complex taxation issues and often an income that is seasonal. With the backing of RBC Wealth Management’s global resources, Tania supports clients even when they leave the stage, the field, the movie set or the sports court.

“I am an extension of our clients’ families,” she shares. “We value the time we spend with them, listening and adapting our approach to each person and family. They all have different goals, objectives and ideas of how they want their future to unfold. I take time to understand my clients and offer wealth solutions to take their vision to new heights.”

Financial well-being offers a sense of security and peace of mind. Tania helps establish this for her clients by addressing all areas that affect their wealth, including asset accumulation, income, protection, preservation, distribution, succession and legacy. “I provide a high level of service and industry expertise that meets and often exceeds your expectations,” she says. “I view the responsibility of handling your money as seriously as handling my own.”

Off the Clock

Outside the office, Tania volunteers for various organizations that support children. She serves as a board member for the Arizona Coyotes Foundation and volunteers with Naples Children & Education Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Boys & Girls Clubs and Make-A-Wish.

Her own child—“my whole heart,” she smiles—is Bentley, a Bernedoodle who frequently walks with Tania on The Strand or accompanies her on adventures. “He has a very kind personality. Many people have said that he is even healing.”

Tania values spending time with her loved ones, attending live music events and going to the beach. She enjoys traveling to see the world and experience new cultures. “I love to cook, so I always take a cooking lesson in a different country,” she says. “It allows me to integrate and learn more.” 

For someone so immersed in life’s important decisions at work, enjoying the simple things after hours is what keeps Tania balanced. She can then bring her A game to each client interaction, helping you build the foundation for a truly successful life.

Tania Kvakic

RBC Wealth Management  |  602-381-5308  |  rbcwmfa.com/tania.kvakic 
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