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Guzman Law Group’s Drew Hallett and Marcus Chang are impacting the community.

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A longtime advocate in the South Bay community, Guzman Law Group proves again and again that a boutique firm can deliver big law results with a personal touch. For more than three decades, Guzman Law Group, led by founder and attorney Denise M. Guzman, has provided high-caliber legal services in business and finance transactions, trust and civil litigation, estate planning and trust administration. The firm assists clients whenever a legal issue arises—whether it be creating a new business entity, negotiating a merger or acquisition, planning for a company to be passed down to the next generation, or advising clients on business or trust disputes.

“Guzman Law Group can provide clients with a variety of top-notch legal services under one roof,” shares attorney Drew Hallett. “This is critical for clients because a client’s legal issues do not arise in a vacuum. An issue that arises in one area of law will likely impact or affect a legal issue in another. The firm’s collaborative culture allows attorneys from different departments to work as a team to develop a comprehensive strategy rather than working as separate entities.”

Drew oversees the firm’s litigation department, handling both civil and trust litigation matters. He helps individuals and companies facing general and complex business issues, as well as individuals dealing with family conflict concerning the division of assets of a trust or estate.

“We build incredible relationships with our clients because we care.”

“I always make the effort to get to know our clients on a personal level,” he says. “We know how much these matters mean to our clients, and we act accordingly. We also know that these matters may cause stress or anxiety or may be scary if it is the first time that a client is dealing with an issue like this. That is why we make sure they know that we care about them and truly want the best for them.”

“Drew is noted for being a good negotiator,” says Denise. “He knows how to litigate hard when necessary and when to negotiate a settlement. He sees the big picture.”

Attorney Marcus Chang focuses on business and estate planning, administering accounts from $1 million to over $75 million. “By working with such a diverse group of clients in both the planning and the administration sides, I am able to identify and navigate around issues that normally would not be apparent,” he explains.

Like Drew, Marcus recognizes that their specific aspect of law can be very emotional for clients, so he takes great pride in getting to know them individually and making them more comfortable during the process. “A good lawyer listens to their clients and is able to provide advice to the clients accordingly, versus simply telling them what they need to do.”

“Marcus is noted for having a personal touch on estate planning matters and handling complex trust administrations,” says Denise. “He has a sincere and true concern for the future care of his clients. Trusts are not just being used as a tool upon death. We are seeing it triggered more and more during the client’s lifetime to help guide their children in the client’s final years.”

Outside the office, both Drew and Marcus enjoy active lives, raising children and giving back to their community. As the Faces of Law for Guzman Law Group, they bring a familial connection to their work—assuring their clients not only receive the results they desire but acting as a skilled partner who hears and absorbs all the details with trust and confidentiality.

Adds Marcus, “We establish a connection with our clients from our initial meeting and take the time to learn about who they are. We are able to better serve our clients because we really know them.” 

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