A Longtime Patron Says Goodbye to The Admiral Risty Restaurant in Palos Verdes

Bon voyage.

The Admiral Risty. We all feel like we know her well enough to call her just “The Risty”—our beloved gem of a local restaurant. It was always my family’s special place where we would go to kick off a vacation, celebrate a birthday, wedding, graduation, holiday or just to enjoy a nice meal together. Whenever friends were in town visiting, it was a safe bet you would find the Tetherows seated by a window, having a cocktail and watching the sun go down. It’s a place where you would always get a great meal and create cherished memories with the special people in your life.

I’ll have the halibut #4 (that’s amandine, for those who don’t know), baked potato with the works and broccoli. But first let’s start with the house salad, where I’d mix the house French and the house blue cheese dressings. Who else did this? I bet most of us. Don’t forget the chilled salad fork that somehow made the salad even better.

And for those just dropping by for a drink to catch up with old friends, the lounge never disappointed with a generous pour and good tunes.

I had the pleasure of knowing Ralph Wood and Risty Wood, the founders of our Risty. They lived in our neighborhood, and I would housesit for them when they were off on another fun travel adventure. I loved getting to know them and listening to their stories. I remember seeing them riding their bikes down the street, and they were always smiling.

Wayne Judah, who is the owner now along with his wife, Jan, has been a fixture there since I was a kid. You knew you’d see him when you first entered the restaurant, and he’d greet you with a “Hello, how are you?” … just like an old friend. He made sure you had a wonderful dining experience.

The years have passed. Many milestones have come and gone. New generations are now regulars. We’ve all gained a wrinkle or two.

One thing has remained the same: The Risty … with the seashell chandeliers and the wooden whale centerpieces, which I would deliver flowers to place inside while in college. The heart of the restaurant was the crew, who always remembered you and delivered amazing service over and over again. The delicious  food never let you down.

It’s with great sadness our tight-knit community will bid adieu to our old friend after 52 years. It will be hard to let go, but we will keep our memories close.

Thank you for being a part of our lives for so long. We salute you, Admiral Risty, and we will miss you dearly.