A locally curated home styling service is coming to your doorstep. 

An inside peek at An Inside Crush.

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  • Written by
    Darren Elms
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    Lauren Pressey

If you love product delivery services like Stich Fix, you’re going to get a kick out of An Inside Crush. This new direct-to-door styling service offers customers a selection of curated home accessories each season. And it was all started here in Manhattan Beach.

Owner and local resident Mireille Dermer Mengel got the idea when she recognized a need to more easily spruce up her living space every few months. “While many people are interested in keeping their home on trend, finding the time to do so and having the knowledge to do so can be limiting factors,” she says.

An Inside Crush provides consumers with a “designer-in-a-box” at an affordable price with high-end products at a meaningful discount to retail. Every season a new box arrives with an assortment of five highly curated and on-trend home decor and accessory pieces chosen by Mireille.

She says inspiration for the business came from her desire to evolve with design combined with an education and background in fashion design. “I was trained to watch for new trends, emerging styles and to recognize the subtleties of a design detail,” she explains. “The saying is that you should find something you are truly passionate about and make it your work. I am very passionate about design, and it is a part of my soul and day-to-day existence.”

What’s coming in their debut box for fall? Check out aninsidecrush.com to see!