A Local Artist Makes a Moving Art Piece From the Quiet Streets of Hermosa

“This Too Shall Pass”

The current epidemic and mandatory shelter-in-place policy have inspired many local artists to get creative and think outside the box. Michael B. Harrington of the South Bay Artist Collective recently shot a short film on the empty streets of Hermosa Beach. Here’s how he describes the project:

“All of us at the South Bay Artist Collective have been considering and discussing how to incorporate the current climate of ‘safer at home’ into our work. I’d been taking late-night walks through Hermosa Beach, and the effects of the pandemic were obviously striking. In the midst of the suffering in the world and the uncertainty in how things will move forward, I also wanted to feel the hope and inspiration from this pause or reset. To me the time-lapse flowers represent the power of a new beginning, the opportunity of a new paradigm in our lives. And it was a blast to make. To rig a projector onto the top of my car and then see the flowers projected on buildings and houses was so rewarding, so much fun. I think this work is the first in a series.”