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Nutritional expert and wellness coach Esmeralda Gallemore is an author, spokesperson and owner of EyesAndBody, which offers natural supplements with all-in-one formulas that promote full-body health. Her wellness website features a variety of tips, exercises and workout clothing. 

Esmeralda studied at the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute and worked in the medical field for 18 years, with an emphasis on retina health. She studied psychology with a focus on emotional eating and eating disorders at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach.

This mom of two young children focuses on researching holistic methods that go hand in hand with science. Her approach fosters behavioral changes resulting in improved nutrition, healthier eating habits and overall increased wellness. 

Esmeralda’s goal is to help people become and maintain the best version of themselves. She recently wrote her fifth self-help book, So You Think The Precious You Starts In The Mirror: Eating Disorders And How To Help You Stop.

Here, she shares her thoughts on making the most of the upcoming holidays and making healthy choices while we enjoy time with loved ones.

As we maneuver through the last quarter of the year, we realize that these are the times that bring us closest together. Holidays, gatherings, cool weather and a sense of connection blanket us as we celebrate and enjoy time with our loved ones. As we experience special moments with family and friends, it reminds us of the important things: our little ones.

Breaks from school, homework and extracurricular activities give us more bonding time and quality interactions to imprint what we feel is most important for the development and maintenance of our family unit. Our children have been absolute soldiers since the beginning of the pandemic—through all the changes and now getting back to the regular flow of things. These inconsistencies have had a tremendous impact on them.

As time goes on and each generation passes, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage being a child or young adult. It’s time we give them some credit. As social media continuously evolves and takes over the attention span and mind space of our children, it is important that we remind them to stay grounded in reality. The internet gives us access to endless possibilities and personalities from anywhere in the world. Children’s minds are especially susceptible to these influences.


Social Pressures

Oftentimes comparison is the thief of joy, and the differences in lifestyle and privilege become visible to kids at a young age. Young folks today are influenced by older people, mannerisms and life experiences, so we need to remind them what really matters: living and enjoying their own timeline and path.

During the holiday break from school, it is imperative that we bond as families and do things like watch movies, pick pumpkins, travel and spend quality time together. We must reinforce the childlike wonder and joy of youth.

“The holiday season is one of the most important times to band together as a family.”

 As my children enter adolescence, I am noticing the increasing pressure put on youth not only from societal expectations but from their peers as well. There are a variety of unrealistic images and standards that youngsters are trying to adopt. This has led to a rise in eating disorders, body dysmorphia and a myriad of unhealthy habits. 

A Manual of Health

In today’s society, people of all ages are expected to look a certain way, which led me to write my latest book, So You Think The Precious You Starts In The Mirror: Eating Disorders And How To Help You Stop. This user-friendly manual is designed to bridge the gap between research publications and get-well guides. I wrote it to help anyone affected by eating disorders or unhealthy habits navigate back to the path of wellness.

My book cross-references in-depth studies and current cultural climates to pinpoint the necessary choices that we can make for the betterment of self. It includes recipes, workout routines and mental exercises to help combat the pressures and expectations of current societal trends.

“We’re all in this together; let’s enjoy it as a family!”

With the upcoming holidays, everybody gets self-conscious. We will see friends and relatives, and food will be everywhere. An overwhelming sense of consumption—both physically and mentally—can take over. This is why the holiday season is one of the most important times to band together as a family and reinforce core values and healthy mindsets. As we spend time together, we show that we understand and are there for each other along the way.


Nutritional Guidance

These issues became very important to me a while back, and for this reason I elected to enhance my skills further. I completed an advanced education degree in psychology with a focus on emotional eating and eating disorders. I also obtained my certification as a health coach (INHC) with areas of expertise in nutrition and healthy eating.

As I completed my certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned just what went into the current state of these expectations. It gave me great insight into the seriousness of what was going on. Because of the pandemic, depression and anxiety rose to an all-time high, and there were very few resources to help those affected deal with the repercussions. I learned as a health coach that your diet is much more than what you eat; it includes who you surround yourself with, what you watch, and what you adopt and listen to.

I have been fortunate to be featured on Tinabeth Piña’s TV show LATiNAS, Mañana Latina on Telemundo, Todo es Posible and The Ed Tyll Show. I was invited to El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Mexico to further spread my knowledge about healthier lifestyles. As I shared this knowledge, I saw just how important it was to emphasize the steps to stay on a healthy path.

Today’s youth and young adults need to know how to integrate their health in order to live a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. They need tools and resources to find their way as they deal with the pressure of modern-day society.

A New Year

Oftentimes we make lofty new year’s resolutions, only to disappoint ourselves. In reality, who are we making these for? Is it for ourselves or others? It is important to enjoy the time we have now.

This is possible if we implement healthy recipes and habits during these festive times! We can all enjoy good habits—including those on a well-traveled path of wellness and those attempting to transition into their ideal healthy lifestyle. We must learn to choose beneficial options, make changes for ourselves and do so in a way that we can achieve realistically. Our health is our wealth, and we must contribute to our “savings.”

“We must reinforce the childlike wonder and joy of youth.”

Support systems are incredibly important, and we can dramatically increase the strength of family ties with simple gestures and quality time spent with loved ones. Together, we can establish a healthy lifestyle that will grant us even more enjoyable moments with friends and family.

Be sure to grab a copy of my new book. For further assistance, I am also available for private consults. We’re all in this together; let’s enjoy it as a family!

Esmeralda Gallemore

Owner, EyesAndBody Manhattan Beach
eyesandbody.com  |  esmiegallemore.com  |  IG: @eyesandbodywellness @esmeralda.gallemore
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