Meet the gorgeous mamas behind jewelry line Due Menti

Sourced globally, and made locally.

Coffee and creativity can be a powerful combo. As many mothers know, finding time to be with friends, nurture your creative passions and run your own business can feel like an impossible dream. But Ashley Rose and Sarah Beran are two young South Bay moms who are taking it all on in style.

It was at their weekly coffee escape that these two great friends got together to create their breakout jewelry line, Due Menti, which means “two minds” in Italian. The intertwining leaves in their logo represent both of their creative sides combining to create one look.

Bohemian-inspired leather, gemstones and fabric cutoffs combine into gorgeous bracelets and cuffs. “Due Menti is a jewelry that feels like it’s made just for you,” they share.

With authentic and original designs, the next step is sourcing fabric and textiles from local artisans in Guatemala. The two hope to travel there once a year to truly get to know the workers who are handcrafting these textiles. They want everyone to feel like their bracelet is made just for them, while also giving back to the Guatemalan community.

The path to Due Menti wasn’t a straight line. Ashley graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in advertising, but she always loved fashion. She moved to the South Bay six years ago and met Sarah through their husbands, who went to college together.

Sarah shares a love of style and hails from St. Louis. She moved in 2008 to work in a showroom in the fashion district in Downtown L.A. When Sarah got pregnant, she looked for flexibility to focus more on her family.

It was later in 2014 that she and Ashley started to meet weekly at a local coffee shop in Manhattan Beach. The two instantly hit it off as they shared a passion for creativity and were at the same stages in their new role as mothers. They both wanted to be able to focus on motherhood while having an outlet in fashion. (They’ve each had a second baby since they first started.)

The weekly coffee meeting became the perfect place to brainstorm, which is how they came up with the name Due Menti. The two are a great team, with Sarah taking on the PR/creative tasks while Ashley tackles the sales/business side of things.

They were blown away by the sales of their cuff, created with fabric and leather. With that success they set a goal to be more mindful in their material sourcing. They are also excited to launch a unisex line of cuffs that look awesome on men and women. Their beautiful and easy-to-wear designs can be found in the South Bay at MIXT Studio in Hermosa Beach.

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