Torrance Surgical Alliance

Above L to R Jillian Angelo, MD, MS, FACS; Ramin M. Roohipour, MD, FACS, FASMBS; Katie Richardson, PA-C; Cassidy Jung, PA-C


Services Offered
  • General surgery
  • Hernia surgery
  • Endoscopy & colonoscopy
  • Bariatric (weight loss) surgery
  • Sweaty hand (hyperhidrosis)

Patient-Centered Care

Since its establishment in 2014, Torrance Surgical Alliance has revolutionized the surgical experience, setting a new standard for patient-centered care. Our approach ensures that every individual receives focused attention and a customized care plan. We offer convenient, same-day appointments at our state-of-the-art, private concierge facility, meticulously designed to prioritize your comfort and privacy. In addition to the surgeries performed by our board-certified surgeons Ramin Roohipour, MD, and Jillian Angelo Caccamo, MD, we craft a personalized journey to wellness where every patient’s needs are met with the highest standard of care.

Practice Goals

Over the past several years, we’ve laid a substantial foundation including expansion, achieving specific accreditations, refining our workflows and maintaining a relentless focus on quality of care. These efforts position us to continue serving the South Bay area as a leading provider known for our exceptional quality of care.

Nationwide Care

Our practice extends care to patients nationwide, leveraging telemedicine not just for initial consultations but also for preoperative planning and long-term care management. This approach ensures that remote and out-of-state patients have ongoing access to our services—crucial for treatments like bariatric surgery that require sustained follow-up.

Empowering Patients 

Our primary tool for empowering patients is education, which helps them make appropriate decisions about their care. During consultations, we inform patients about their conditions and the importance of elective treatment before situations escalate to emergencies. Central to our philosophy is a patient-centered approach, where patients are the foremost decision-makers in their health care journey. 

Patient Feedback

We actively encourage our patients to voice their concerns and experiences throughout their care journey. We invite them to share their stories publicly, aiding future patients and informing our continuous improvement efforts.

A Focus on Teamwork

What distinguishes our practice is our emphasis on teamwork. We’ve built a culture of open communication and collective effort, ensuring our patients benefit the most. This approach allows us to continuously share insights and evaluate our patient care strategies, guaranteeing top-notch care for every individual who walks through our doors.

Technology Advancements

Our team employs state-of-the-art technology, including advanced laparoscopy and robotic surgery equipment, to provide cutting-edge care. Notably, Dr. Roohipour pioneered several robotic surgeries locally, including the first robotic sleeve gastrectomy and the first endoscopic Orbera balloon placement in Los Angeles. He is also the only surgeon in the South Bay certified to perform endoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, highlighting our commitment to innovation in patient care.

Sustainable Practices

Our facility proudly operates as a completely paperless practice—one of the first in our region to do so. Our digital and cloud-based system enhances our efficiency and accessibility, enabling us to deliver patient care seamlessly and sustainably, anytime and anywhere.

Providing Seamless Care

Our team consists of dedicated physician assistants, coordinators, nurses and technicians, all collaborating closely to ensure seamless care for every patient. Leading our administrative efforts, our chief operating officer Qemal Shaholli is instrumental in enhancing our workflows and spearheading the expansion of our services to reach a broader population.