The Movement Schopp

Above L to R Back: Dr. Krysia Rousseau, Kristianna Tello, Dr. William Schopp, Dr. Tori Porter; Front: Dr. Kristen DiBernardo, Dr. Ricky Braun, Makiko Donville


Services Offered
  • Performance physical therapy for fitness/gym athletes, runners & triathletes, golfers, tennis athletes
  • Performance training
  • Medical fitness coaching
  • Gut health rehab
  • Private golf simulator 

Empowering Everyday Athletes

“Empowering Everyday Athletes” is our motto at The Movement Schopp. Our main goal is to help everyday athletes bounce back from injuries and get them back to performing at their highest levels! We do this by empowering our team members, who do a world-class job at taking care of each of our clients. 

It all starts with our onboarding calls, where clients have the opportunity to tell us their stories and their goals, and we share with them exactly what to expect from working with us. Our amazing client success directors are there for our clients every step of their journey. Our fantastic team of doctors of physical therapy help our clients get out of pain and accomplish their goals, but even more importantly they educate and empower clients during their time with us so they are completely involved in their own care. 

Mind-body Connection 

The more our clients know about what is going on with their bodies, the faster they recover. One of our secrets of how we get our clients better so efficiently is combining our strength-based rehab programs with the family-like culture we have built. Since we only work with gym athletes, runners/triathletes, tennis players and golfers, we are very particular about the programs we build. We know that injuries 

run deeper than what they appear, and making sure we fix the root cause rather than just the symptoms is something we take great pride in. Our goal is to show our clients where the root cause of their problem is actually coming from and how to fix it for good.

Patient Feedback 

Patient feedback is a massive part of our programs because we build everything around the individual. Nothing is mass-produced. At each session, we spend the first few minutes making sure our game plan is working and is still in complete alignment with the client’s goals.      One of the most frequent compliments we get from clients is about the collaboration between them and our doctors from the moment they step in our doors. Of course we help clients get out of pain and back to their sports, but the real empowerment comes from the knowledge they gain about their body during their time working with us.      We take a lot of pride in our 100+ 5-star Google reviews. Check them out if you want to hear some of our clients’ amazing stories! 

Giving Back

We are dedicated to giving back to local and global organizations that are relevant to our team. We run free workshops once or twice a month at a few of our favorite local gyms. The workshops focus on mobility and educating their members about different movements.      We donate a percentage of our revenue to a nonprofit every month, chosen by a team vote. In January we donated to 4ocean, an organization dedicated to cleaning our oceans. In February we chose St. Jude Hospital. And in March we donated to DeliverFund, which focuses on ending human trafficking in the United States. We are always looking for more great ways to give back to our community!

South Bay Spring 

Dr. William Schopp, founder: I love everything about spring in the South Bay! Both myself and my wife, Ashley, were born and raised in the South Bay, and now we are raising our son, Liam, age 1½, here as well. Our favorite part about spring in the South Bay is the beach! We surf, and the beach is a major part of our lives. The sun coming out is the perfect time to get the whole family back to the beach. From Torrance to Manhattan Beach, we’ll see you there!

Photographed by Kristianna Tello