The Kondo Group | Compass

Above L to R: Realtors® Aly Bassanelli Hill, Victoria B. Paullin, Shima Razipour, Lorena Andrade, Amanda Krampert, Hanna Raine Carlson, Lisa Martini, Mora Sepehrnia, Meg Puccinelli, Michelle Nishide Lucin, Jessiqa Pace


The Kondo Group is a real estate team based in Palos Verdes and serving all of the South Bay and beyond. Working under the umbrella of Compass, the team includes 12 women with a wide range of real estate, lending and design experience. 

What advice would you give someone just starting out in business?

The best thing to do is find a mentor or join a team. There is so much to learn in this industry, with a huge learning curve. You are managing assets with huge price tags. You want to make sure your client is taken care of from A to Z. Even the most experienced agent is continuously learning, as every transaction is unique. 

What does success mean to you?

Success for our team is when everyone is thriving—in business and our personal lives. We never leave anyone behind and are constantly collaborating on how we can do better and be better. Success in business doesn’t mean anything without happiness outside business. 

How do you rally your team to take on a big goal?

We come together as a tight-knit team, cheering and uplifting one another to fiercely tackle our goals. With our shared spirit and camaraderie, we know there’s nothing we can’t achieve together. We know that our combined efforts will lead us to success.

How do you foster a positive work environment?

We wouldn’t be where we are now without our unique team dynamic. We have a family mentality, supporting each other to succeed and never be in competition with one another. We push ourselves to reach our business goals but also keep up our mental and physical health. We balance work with team-bonding events like hikes and Topgolf. While we always celebrate our achievements, we also support one another in stressful times.

Photographed by Fabien & LAURA Castro