Summer L. Blake, DDS, MS

Summer Blake, DDS, and her team at Summer Orthodontics specialize in creating smiles for children and adults, offering such treatments as invisible, metal and clear braces, Invisalign, and digital imaging. They treat a wide range of orthodontic issues including crooked teeth, crowding, spacing, protrusion, narrow arch, overbites, underbites, crossbites and deep bites. Dr. Summer completed her undergraduate degree and dental school at UCLA and earned both her master’s and her postdoctoral orthodontics certificate at Temple University in Philadelphia. 

What should potential patients know about you? 

Delivering the highest quality treatment is my top priority. Every decision I make in my practice is based upon one simple rule: Will this decision improve the patient experience?

Tell us about your team. 

I love our team. Not only are they all excellent at their jobs, but they are also caring, friendly and fun. They love getting to know patients (and their families) and genuinely miss them when treatment is completed. Creating beautiful smiles correctly takes teamwork, and I’m proud to say we have the best! Our staff is a huge part of making treatment a positive—and even fun—experience. 

What’s most rewarding about your work?

Seeing the confidence patients exude from their new smiles is really rewarding. However, I also enjoy getting to know each patient throughout their treatment.

What benefits do patients gain from your services?

The beautiful smiles we create provide a lifetime of confidence for our patients. This confidence carries over into every aspect of their lives. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have such a powerful impact. We take great pride in helping our patients become the best they can be.      At Summer Orthodontics, exceptional results with an outstanding patient experience is our top priority. Every treatment plan is carefully considered to meet the individual goals of our patients. Each patient is unique, so every treatment plan must be custom-tailored to create their ideal smile. We work together with our patients to understand their treatment options and our recommendation. Throughout treatment, we monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to achieve ideal results. 

Do you treat kids at your practice?

We love working with kids! We have worked hard to create an atmosphere that is not only stress-free but also a fun place to be. It is not uncommon for kids (and parents) to comment on how good it feels to visit our office. 

What about adults?

We want patients to know that it is never too late to have a confident smile—more than 40% of our patients are adults. Advancements in technology not only dramatically reduce treatment time (in some cases by as much as 50%) but can also offer a variety of hidden and inconspicuous treatment options.

How would patients describe your approach?

We strive to provide a first-class experience for patients. Based on the feedback we receive, they appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of our office. We spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that every patient’s time is valued. No one likes waiting to be seen by their doctor, and we don’t like to keep patients waiting!

Tell us about recent developments in your field.

There is a technological revolution going on throughout our world, and orthodontics is no exception. Orthodontic treatment is now faster, more comfortable and in some cases even invisible. There have been many advances in orthodontics over the years to increase patient comfort, reduce treatment times and produce beautiful smiles. The adoption of digital technologies such as scans and radiographs makes the diagnosis and treatment process more efficient than ever.

Summer Orthodontics embraces proven technologies as a central focus of the patient experience. We are always on the lookout for new technologies and ways to provide exceptional patient experiences. Patients and parents often say, “This is not how I remember braces when I was young.” Our office embraces the best of proven technologies. We also offer complimentary consultations to help patients understand their options and our recommended treatment plan.

What inspired you to work in orthodontics?

While majoring in mathematics, I took a campus job at the UCLA Dental School. I decided to apply to the school and was immediately attracted to orthodontics. So many factors go into creating an individual’s ideal smile. I love finding the right solution for each patient and seeing the confidence they project.

How do you give back to your community?

We support a variety of community programs as diverse as the interests of our patient base. From education to sports to arts, we are engaged in supporting programs that put our patients’ beautiful smiles to good use throughout the South Bay.

How do you make your office a stress-free zone?

Promoting a stress-free environment is a key part of the Summer Orthodontics experience. Beginning with the office design and continuing throughout our processes, each step is focused on patient safety and reducing stress.

Photographed by JP Cordero