Strategic View Advisors

Above Top, L to R: Alessandra Di Monda, Kenny Cole, Roland Ladipo, Matt Mac, Jeff Hennings, Natalie Sauer Rutledge, Dan Chory
Bottom: Kennia Litteral, Shanelle Sua, Mollie Kaiser, Ed Moyzes, Chris Hall, Carol Bates, Daniel Chow


Strategic View Advisors is a financial planning team that partners with clients to help them Achieve Financial Peace of MindTM. The team, led by CEO Edward Moyzes, operates under the umbrella of the Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group. Northwestern Mutual has been in business for the past 163 years. Edward earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Denver. He worked as an accountant before transitioning into financial planning 22 years ago.

What is your definition of success? 

Our mission is for those who partner with us to Achieve Financial Peace of Mind™, freeing up their emotional energy to invest in the things they value most. Every day we live that out, we’re successful.

Share some of your accomplishments. 

While I am proud of the accolades I’ve received, including Best-In-State Wealth Advisor and Top Financial Security Professional from Forbes, as well as the more than half-billion dollars in assets that our team manages, I am most proud of the times I’ve helped clients through their toughest moments. We’ve had several clients pass away unexpectedly, and being able to tell their spouses that the planning we did would ensure their financial security for the rest of their lives is the most deeply gratifying success I can imagine.

In what ways do you ensure your business stands out in the marketplace? 

We are at an interesting inflection point in the world of advice. Historically, advice-giving was based on unique access to information. Only a stockbroker with access could give you a tip, so you paid them for that information. Now, information is free. Instead clients want someone to interpret that information in a way that provides a meaningful benefit as well as clarity. Where others are focused on data only, we trademarked Achieve Financial Peace of Mind™ because what differentiates someone giving information from someone providing meaning is the impact on the client. We focus on helping ensure our clients’ actions are aligned with their aspirations.

In what ways is your work meaningful? 

Our clients Achieve Financial Peace of Mind™, and seeing them experience it is deeply meaningful. It is rewarding to hear clients breathe a sigh of relief as you assure them that despite the market tumult, they are still able to successfully retire. Spending an hour with someone and seeing the tension slowly fade away as you help them see how they’ll be able to accomplish their most important goals is profoundly impactful, and it’s one of the things I love most about my work.

How do you handle delivering news that the client doesn’t want to hear? 

With honesty and empathy. Clients deserve to know the truth. They also deserve to hear it from someone who cares. Our experience is that when you speak directly and with compassion, it starts a dialogue about what next steps look like, rather than having clients shut down due to fear.

Do you participate in community philanthropy? 

Two years ago, the team launched a philanthropic arm of our firm called SVA CARES to participate in philanthropic events throughout Los Angeles. We have a yearly clothing donation for foster youth and participate in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. SVA CARES also supports the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and in 2022 we were the fourth-top corporate team in fundraising efforts toward Alzheimer’s care, support and research. 

Tell us about a big change you made in your business.

The biggest change has been the move away from an individual approach to advice to a team-based approach. The “Big Lie” in the world of advice is that your advisor will always be there for you. The reality is that one day, either through retirement or mortality, they won’t. We realize that to truly take care of a client means growing a multigenerational team that can support them and their family. Now I can truly say to clients that we’ll always be there for them.

Disclaimer: Edward Moyzes, Carol Anne Bates, Christopher Hall, Mollie Alyssa Kaiser and Shanelle Medequiso Sua use Strategic View Advisors as a marketing name for doing business as representatives of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company® (NMWMC) and Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS). Strategic View Advisors is not a registered investment adviser, broker-dealer, insurance agency or federal savings bank. Edward Moyzes, Carol Anne Bates, Christopher Hall, Mollie Alyssa Kaiser and Shanelle Medequiso Sua provide investment advisory services as Advisors of NMWMC, a subsidiary of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, located in Milwaukee, WI (NM) and a federal savings bank, and provide investment brokerage services as Registered Representatives of NMIS, a subsidiary of NM and a registered investment adviser, broker-dealer and member FINRA ( and SIPC ( Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group is a select group of Northwestern Mutual advisors and representatives. Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group is not a registered investment adviser, broker-dealer, insurance agency, federal savings bank or other legal entity.

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell