South Bay Sprouts

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    Paige Negrete

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    1603 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach

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    All About Kids

Paige Negrete started South Bay Sprouts in 2020 as an in-home mobile gymnastics program with the mission of growing kids through movement. She expanded into her own studio space in Redondo Beach and partners with local schools, day cares, and parks and recreation programs. South Bay Sprouts’ classes are geared toward kids ages 2½ to 12, while private lessons for groups or individuals are offered to all ages. What are your goals for your business in 2024?

At South Bay Sprouts, 2024 is all about gratitude and giving back to our community. We are partnering with local nonprofit organizations to provide mobile gymnastics classes to kids of all ages and abilities. Together, we’re flipping the script on fun and fitness for everyone and spreading the joy of exercise far and wide.

Has your business undergone recent expansions?

Yes! We are excited to be expanding our class offerings through parks and recreation departments in both El Segundo and Manhattan Beach this fall. These programs will soon include gymnastics, adaptive movement, tumbling and ninja classes for school-aged kiddos. 

Tell us about the mission of South Bay Sprouts.

Our mission is to help as many children as possible cultivate a lifelong love for movement. We are planting seeds of courage, kindness and a positive mindset one cartwheel at a time, while making every flip, twist and jump a celebration of strength and happiness. 

How do you nurture confidence and self-esteem in your clients?

My favorite coaching philosophy to share with our gymnasts is the power of “ing.” When a skill is extra challenging, I encourage them to swap out “I can’t …” with “I am still learning, trying, practicing.” These phrases help foster a growth mindset, resilience, self-assurance and a supportive community where every child feels empowered to grow and succeed. It’s heartwarming to hear our gymnasts adopting this mentality as they inspire each other with phrases like “I know you can do this. You’re just still practicing. Try again!” 

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell