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    Michael Tarnay, MD

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    1000 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach

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    Health Professionals

Services Offered
  • Unlimited visits
  • Same-day appointments
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24/7 Emergency Care 

Sollis Health is a 24/7, members-only concierge service for urgent and emergency care. Think of us as your on-demand doctor, private urgent care and concierge service—all seamlessly combined. We provide swift access to treatment at our centers with ER-specialized physicians, and offer onsite imaging and a state-of-the-art lab that helps streamline treatment for our members. Our care team can connect you with hospitals and fast-track referrals for you with our network of leading specialists when needed. You can use our services either as an ER alternative or to complement your primary care as an after-hours and weekend resource.

Dr. Tarnay’s Milestones

I am an experienced emergency medicine physician with over 23 years of service at hospitals in the South Bay. My passion for health care began in high school when I was a lifeguard and continued in college as an EMT and first responder. These experiences ignited my profound interest in emergency medicine, propelling me to attend medical training at UCLA Medical Center and Georgetown University Medical School.

This year, I joined Sollis Health to lead the newly opened Manhattan Beach medical center. Earlier in my career, I established an emergency medicine program at Nairobi Hospital, Kenya, and provided care to international disaster victims. Fun fact: I am also a track physician for the Long Beach Grand Prix!

Quality of Time

Our membership model allows us to dedicate as much time as we need for each patient. We can take the time to truly get to know you and understand your concerns, goals and health profiles. This is a stark contrast from the traditional ER where we often have fewer than five minutes per patient. 

Personalized Service

Sollis is truly a category of one. With on-site imaging and a comprehensive lab, we can treat 90% of what a traditional emergency department handles with personalized care from ER-trained medical providers. A Sollis membership is universal, so members can access Sollis at any of our locations: New York City, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, San Francisco and South Florida. 

And your care doesn’t end when you leave our medical centers. Should a treatment plan require additional follow-up, our deep network of specialists nationwide allows us to expedite access and secure an appointment in a matter of days instead of months.

Expert Diagnosis

What is great about being an ER doctor is gaining the confidence and ability to handle just about any medical crisis or situation. Patients feel better knowing that we have experience with critical care and understand what to look for as we address and manage any concerning symptoms.

The Human Touch

Most physicians begin their careers with a sincere passion to care for and help those in need. It can be increasingly difficult to maintain that focus and passion with the challenges of an ever-changing and complex health care system. Over the years, I have found that balance of navigating a strained health care system while maintaining the joy of taking care of our community.