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Describe the featured project.

Novum Architecture Inc., is a boutique firm specializing in unique projects that transcend the ordinary. Our vision for this prestigious project, situated at 2889 Way Lane in the heart of Corona del Mar, was clear: to create a symphony where architecture harmonizes with nature. The result is nothing short of a work of art. We carefully selected materials and finishes, complemented by cutting-edge smart-home technology. This project offers luxurious living and the convenience of being mere steps away from the city’s finest shopping, dining and cultural experiences. From a private sanctuary to a vibrant social scene, this home has it all.

Is client feedback important?

Client feedback is foundational to our success. It is a critical element that extends from the project’s inception through design and construction. The client’s perspective shapes the evolution of the project, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with their vision. Witnessing the joy of a satisfied client living in the home we’ve helped create is the most rewarding aspect of our work. Successful projects are a result of a collaborative effort—from our clients to every individual involved, down to the gardener planting the final plant. Client feedback acts as the compass guiding us toward excellence.

Describe your ideal working relationship with clients.

We are committed to personalized, one-on-one collaboration with clients. We believe in forging connections beyond blueprints, taking the time to understand clients’ lifestyles, preferences and functionality requirements. We commence with initial sketches, actively involving clients in the translation of their program into tangible concepts. The transition from sketches to 3D view concepts allows them to walk through their envisioned spaces—culminating in realistic renderings of the final masterpiece. We aim to go beyond expectations, creating spaces that tell a unique story and stand as a testament to the collaborative journey with our clients.

What is the most important element of a new build?

The cornerstone of any successful new build is a deep commitment to listening to and understanding our clients. The opportunity to understand clients’ distinct personalities and preferences fuels our passion for creating intimate spaces. Knowing their work-from-home dynamics, family life and entertaining preferences is paramount in shaping a design that seamlessly integrates into their lifestyle. We blend the functional requirements of modern living with the timeless appeal of aesthetics.

Photographed by Darian Radac (project) & Alberto Juarez (team)